Report: Amazon to embrace “your game, your way” approach to NFL broadcasts

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In 2023, Amazon completely takes over Thursday Night Football. With games on the Prime streaming service, and with Amazon already making multiple options available for the viewing of its 10-times-per-season TNF simulcast, a revolution could be coming regarding the manner in which viewers consume game content.

As explained by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Amazon is embracing the concept of “your game, your way” when envisioning its production of NFL games on Thursdays.

Beyond hiring its own team for play-by-play and commentary, Amazon could (as explained by Marchand) incorporate local radio feeds. It also could opt for an annoucerless stream of the game.

NBC once televised an annoucerless game. On a December Saturday in 1980, the Jets beat the Dolphins in a game that had no one talking. It was a one-time event.

It could happen weekly in 2023, if Amazon decides to use a stream with broadcast ambient sounds and graphics but no broadcaster audio.

The beauty of a streaming-only platform is that Amazon can do whatever it wants, setting up as many alternate streams and rolling the total traffic up into one number. Given that Amazon has a path to a playoff game based on the total viewership of its Thursday night games, there’s a major premium to be placed on originality, options, and overall buzz. The more people it can bring to the platform, the better for Amazon — and the better for the NFL, which consciously has swapped revenue for eyeballs in its placement of a prime-time game.

21 responses to “Report: Amazon to embrace “your game, your way” approach to NFL broadcasts

  1. How about no announcers, except the actual stadium PA announcer. That would be wonderful.

  2. I like the crowd noise, but sometimes I could do without the announcers. Some of them spend too much time laboring the obvious and don’t add anything.

  3. One of the best features of is the option to listen to the Field Mic instead of any announcers. Its super peaceful and interesting to hear the sounds of the game instead of some announcer forcing themselves onto the action trying to get their soundbyte.

  4. Back in the 80’s, NBC produced an NFL game without announcers. They called it “Sounds of the Game”. The piped in the REAL crowd noise and did down and distance using graphics. I loved it and wondered why they didn’t continue with the concept. I certainly hope Amazon goes in this direction.

  5. I always turn off the announcers.
    If they had an audio channel that the announcers actually talked about the previous play instead of gushing endlessly about one of the stars or giving one of their endless irrelevant talking points I’d listen to that.

  6. I want to hear from those who have played the game — within the last 10 years. The game has changed for most of those OG’s. But, if the announcers hasn’t played the game I don’t want to hear them at all. I may as well listen to my GF at that point.

  7. Who really pays attention to NFL announcers? Most of them are mediocre, especially former NFL players. The importance of announcers is to fill in all the dead time surrounding 12 minutes of action in a three-hour telecast. What would be great is to b able to choose different angles to watch the game and replays. End zone cameras show more of the game than we ever see on a TV broadcast. The NFL has to catch up or else they will lose a new generation of would-be fans. But, no, they will will continue to look only at dollar signs so their billionaire owners can get richer–a perfect paradigm for America.

  8. Cut down on the ridiculous stupid TV commercial and the announcers talk and talk and in the end they say nothing

  9. I agree that there is a want for announcer-less games.

    I also think that the alternative approaches to broadcasts is a very interesting topic. They also mention hiring their own broadcast booth. I would not be surprised if Amazon also uses its ownership of Twitch to begin an ew wave of “amatuer broadcasters” that could build a following.

    Lots of fun things to think about (other than it all making Bezos even more money…).

  10. Just wait till Amazon see the teams that will play on Thursday night. They may regret that they got involved with the NFL.

  11. I think the reason announcerless games didn’t work in the NFL is that there was a lot of confusion for controversial calls and close yardage situations. There’s a lot going on a football field and sometimes things need to be explained unlike baseball or basketball or hockey

  12. No announcers and no fake crowd noise sounds like a marvelous way to watch a game on TV.

    I’d love to be able to toggle it. Wait, what just happened there? Turn on the analyst to find out.

  13. Hate Amazon, not gonna pay for a membership. Guess no Thursday night football for me.

  14. What would be awesome is an announcer less game with only the real-time live audio from the stadium being broadcast. On a big enough screen and surround sound if it can feel like you’re at the game….amazing.

  15. “Hate Amazon, not gonna pay for a membership.”

    Most of the people who claim to hate Amazon have never used it and know nothing about it. They’ve never bought anything online.

  16. i could do without the fake crowd noise…ESPN’s is by far the worse…i usually turn it way down…some of the sounds are like high pitch nails on a chalk board…

  17. One of the things that might help the concept of the announcer-less feed is the fact that Amazon owns Twitch. Amazon currently broadcasts games on their Twitch channel, announcers and all. But one of the recent innovations over there is the idea of channels co-broadcasting events so the streamer can add their own flavor to them. It happens with the obvious video game stuff – Nintendo Directs, E3, etc. Now imagine giving people the announcer-free stream and letting them go wild with how they present it. The fact that they own the platform means that getting viewers on their own channel is less important than getting people watching it anywhere on the site. Without investing any extra money, they’ll be able to provide a stream experience that’s like going to the game with your buddies, or a super stats-focused presentation, or team channels with in-house, openly biased announcers for fans, or just traditional announcing done in different ways by new voices, or whatever the streamers wants to do. I personally think that would be really cool, and could be the future of sports broadcasting.

  18. Glad to see that most everyone agrees the announcers talk to much and try to make it about themselves…most of them go on and on about something I just watched and act like we are so dumb they have to explain what we just saw…get rid of um please

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