Washington Football Team solicits fan input for possible name choices

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The Washington Football Team is continuing it’s process of soliciting input for its eventual new team name by reaching out to fans to get feedback on their preferences.

In a letter sent to fans on Wednesday, team president Jason Wright updated their process of evaluating possible name choices and included a survey link to a wide selection of possible names.

This is an ongoing, iterative process – we’ve used focus groups, stakeholder interviews, large-scale surveys, and other qualitative and quantitative approaches to understand what fans want and what types of names resonate with our fans,” Wright wrote in the letter, via Pete Hailey of NBC Sports Washington. “To that end, we want to ask all of YOU for your input on what kinds of names are most meaningful to you – which concepts represent what you love about this organization and what it means to you.

“Each of you will be shown a small selection from a broader pool of brainstormed names that we’re getting early feedback on. Please note, this is not a vote for the name, but instead an opportunity to capture insights and perspective that will be so important to this next phase of our rebrand journey.”

A selection of the name choices has made its way around Twitter with the surveys appearing to vary in the name choices different fans are being asked to answer. Some of the selections on the surveys – as compiled by J.P. Finlay of NBC Sports Washington – including the Redwolves, Aviators, Wild Hogs, Washington Capitol City Football Club, Warriors, Griffins, Armada, Renegades, Washington DC Football Club, and more.

Wright has said the possibility exists that the team doesn’t pick a new name at all and remains as the Washington Football Team moving forward. The team will continue on for 2021 with that name serving as the interim label with the rebranded final choice taking over for 2022.

44 responses to “Washington Football Team solicits fan input for possible name choices

  1. I’m admittedly not a fan of the WFT. I am however a fan of their current namesake. I think “The Washington Football Team” name and their current uniforms look awesome and I hope they keep them the way they are going forward!

  2. In honor of the fact that nothing ever gets accomplished in our nation’s Capitol, how about the Washington Gridlocks or Washington Partisans?

  3. Jason Wright’s letter is reassuring on two counts. One, I am relieved that this process is iterative. And two, Wright has acknowledged the obvious naming choice- Washington Capitol City Football Club, WCCFC. I can already hear the roar of the chanting crowd- “W…C…C-F-C! W…C…C-F-C!” Hogs, of course, will be used as a nickname for branding, merchandise, and mascot purposes, and in the longer version of the fan chant: “Dem Hogs, Dem Hogs, W…C…C-F-C! Dem Hogs, Dem Hogs, W…C…C-F-C!”

  4. I kind of feel like any new name would sound a bit silly and contrived after this past year.

    Washington Football Team. It works.

  5. The Washington Armada – Because nothing says sustained gridiron success better than the 16th Century Spanish navy.

  6. Gotta sell as much WFT merchandise as you can before rebranding and raking it all back in again.

  7. I really like the sound of the Washington Veterans. It honors the military which anyone with a soul and brain considers a great thing. It’s a name that invokes honor and service.

  8. Conducted like the true McKinsey consultant that Wright was. Over-analyzed, data-mined, overdone. That’s how the consultants justify the huge invoices they inevitably send.

  9. I think the Washington Pigskins would be perfect. It’s another word for a football, it allows fans to continue calling them the Skins and it pays homage to the offensive line called The Hogs.

  10. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. Every single one of those names are hot garbage. If the Ravens find themselves winning another super bowl here soon Washington will lose even more of its fan base.

  11. Washington Warthogs.

    1. It is alliterative.
    2. It is a call back to The Hogs and the glory days of the team.
    3. Warthogs are tough and gritty.
    4. It makes for easy merchandising opportunities, a Warthog version of Cheesehead.
    5. The logo should look really cool.

    Then all the team has to do is play in, you know, Washington.

  12. It doesnt matter.. Jeff Bezos will buy the team, and change to Washington Amazons.

  13. “Football Team”! Anything else will at some point “offend” some tiny group!

  14. Just pick a name already and make sure it is an actual name. Washington Football Club isn’t a soccer team.

  15. I’m a Giant’s fan, so FWIW:

    If ‘my’ team was forced to change their name (right or wrong, forever debated), I would PREFER them to be called the New York Football Team. I know it’s Jersey, but the Jets would get stuck with that.

    Keep the WFT as it’s a forever reminder of the nature of the name change.

    PS: if there is a name change, I’d go with Hogs. Always respected that Oline and thought it was great their fans were appreciative and and knew they witnessing history.

  16. How about not making this seem like rocket science and just rename the team already. One thing for sure, FOOTBALL TEAM is definitely not an option, that being said choose between Redwolves or Redtails or Warriors.

  17. Stay with Washington Football Team so people can write headlines like: “WFT WTF?”

  18. “Washington Capitol City Football Club”
    Oh yeah that just rolls off the tongue

  19. Football team is sensible and right. This team needs to just play the game and start winning. The first squatter sob sisters weren’t protesting when the team was winning Snoopy Bowls. Losing broke the camel’s back.

  20. I strongly pick Redwolves. When Washington defense sacks a quarterback, then howl, the fans howl to noise DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. We will feel a goose bump. Also, save species from extinction. I feel Redwolves are important. Let’s go, Revolves!


  21. These names are from the fans…probably from some of the same people who post on here. So if those names sound dumb & stupid, then don’t look anywhere else.

  22. These name suggestions are terrible. Stick with Football Team, it might be generic, but it’s better than every single one of the suggestions. ‘Fan suggestions’ are how DC got stuck with the Wizards (worst name in sports).

  23. Agreed with the earlier poster. Keep Washington Football Team as a silent protest.

  24. I, as well as many others, voted for Washington Sentinels. PLEASE MAKE IT SENTINELS. Inspired by the 2000 movie “The Replacements.” WFT is is lame and unoriginal. It has to go!!

  25. Sentinels is the best choice (what I voted for), but I would be o.k. with the following:


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