DeVonta Smith laughs off those who question his size

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When the first round of the 2021 draft gets underway in under two weeks, wide receiver DeVonta Smith likely won’t have to wait long to hear his name called.

The Heisman Trophy winner is widely projected to be a top 10 pick after catching 117 passes for 1,856 yards with 23 touchdowns. He also ran in a TD and returned a kick for a score in 2020.

If there’s been any knock on Smith, it’s been his size. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has dismissed those concerns, saying Smith’s performance speaks for itself.

Smith, who says he weighs 170 pounds at 6-foot-1, feels that way now, too. But that wasn’t always the case.

During an interview with Bleacher Report’s Master Tesfatsion, Smith said he was doing 100 pushups a day in high school in an effort to get bigger.

“In high school I used to feel some type of way when people would tell me that [I was small],” Smith said. “But now, I really don’t care. If somebody says that, I’m just gonna look at them and laugh. I mean, it is what it is. At the end of the day, I know that when I get on the field and line up, I’ll do what I’ve gotta do.”

Smith noted that in some ways he’s been able to take advantage of defensive backs underestimating him.

“I feel like some people approach it [thinking], ‘Oh he’s too little, so it ain’t much I’ve gotta do,'” Smith said. “But then when we get out there, it’s a whole different story. It’s not what they expected. So now it’s like, they’ve gotta react to me.”

As fast and explosive as Smith is, there’s every reason to expect his play will translate to the game’s highest level.

12 responses to “DeVonta Smith laughs off those who question his size

  1. This kid is going to be a terrific addition to a team and not just bc of his play along abilities. Seems to be a very humble and respectful person.

  2. Hmmm Tavon Austin was a pretty good college player as well… Hopefully Smith can carve out a better career than him however.

  3. He does remind me of Marvin Harrison expect he’s not exactly humble. Harrison would make a big catch or score and politely hand the ball to the official. He didn’t need all the diva stuff. I wish more players did that these days!

  4. Bama fan here. I’m curious to see how high he goes. He literally could not be covered by ANYONE last season, yet because of his size he will likely drop below at least one WR as well as Pitts at TE. This is a classic case of the measureables and the tape being at odds and I hope that whatever GM sticks his neck out for him is rewarded.

  5. Smith is one of the most complete receivers to enter the draft. He is terrific off the ball, his route running is elite, his hands are special, he is a touted down field blocker and as everybody in the world who has eyes knows, he is special with the ball in his hands. Not to mention, he can clearly help in the return game. He also comes across like a guy who would be an add to the local room culture. But I am sure some team will lose focus on all of this over an inch and 30 pounds.

  6. is this some kind of joke?

    six feet plus and 170lbs in the NFL?

    all that can do is bring water to the huddle on TV timeouts;

    fast and explosive…running “high 4.4 forties”, which is really a polite way of saying 4.5 forties?

    4.5 is LB/DE speed, NOT a no.1 WR;

    and just how is 170lbs. to get off the line against an NFL-level corner or contest a ball with an NFL-level safety, most of whom are more like linebackers or NBA power forwards?

    what is 170lbs going to block on a running play—a corner who outweighs him by 20lbs, a safety who outweighs him by 30lbs or a LB who outweighs him by at least SIXTY pounds?

    the answer is, he’s not, which means his very presence on the field telegraphs the offence running a pass play, most likely away from his side of the field since the only way he gets off the line with his blistering 4.5 speed is the corner falls down laughing;

    everyone knows his frame cannot carry an extra 20lbs and even if he could, what guarantee is it that he keeps his terrifying 4.5 speed?

    sorry, nice kid, but the brutal truth is no GM in their right non-Matt Millen mind wastes a draft choice and ruins their cap on a UDFA-level camp body;

  7. I hope he’s laughing at the training table and in the gym. Don’t get pissed, get swole.

  8. I don’t think his weight is going to be a problem. Today’s NFL rules limit exposure to big hits on WRs. The question about him being able to get off the line is overblown as well. He had no problem doing it against guys current in the league while at Bama. The guy is special. That said, unless it’s the next Calvin Johnson, I’m not a believer in taking WRs top ten.

  9. He could be successful in the NFL. But he would be the exception, not the rule. And when you’re making draft picks, especially first rounders, you want want to bet on good odds. There is not another player in the NFL at WR with his measurables that was successful or would have lived up to the first round pedigree. That’s the issue. He COULD do it, we’ve just NEVER seen it done before. There’s a first time for everything, but as a GM, are you betting your job on Smith being the exception?

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