Houston Chronicle finds errors on both sides of Deshaun Watson cases

Cincinnati Bengals v Houston Texans
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The 22 lawsuits against Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson eventually will play out in a court of law. For now, the cases have been playing out in the court of public opinion. The Houston Chronicle has found that the effort to win hearts and minds of the average person has resulted in mistakes, on both sides.

As it relates to the statements of support from 18 massage therapists, the Chronicle determined: “Names were spelled incorrectly. Licenses couldn’t be found for some. At least one woman’s massage therapy license has been expired since before Watson graduated from college. Giving a massage without a license is a misdemeanor in Georgia, where this woman works.”

The Chronicle attempted to contact all 18 woman. In most cases, the Chronicle was unsuccessful. (One of them, Jasmine Brooks, spoke at length last week to KHOU-11.)

Mistakes also have occurred on behalf of the 22 plaintiffs. Per the Chronicle, attorney Tony Buzbee “misspelled the name of an esthetician who worked with Watson in November 2020.” The Chronicle also couldn’t find evidence of a massage therapy license for a woman who claimed to be licensed.

These issues most likely will have no relevance to the merits of the cases or Watson’s defense in court. As the jurors in the court of public opinion continue to process information and to reach conclusions, however, little things like these could become a factor.