Many Falcons will skip voluntary workouts, but team is not unanimous

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Players on the Falcons are the latest to release a statement through the NFL Players Association about skipping voluntary workouts, although the Falcons’ statement makes clear that some players are not in agreement.

The statement from Falcons players today says only that “many” players won’t work out with the team, but it’s unclear whether the players skipping the workouts represent a majority.

“Many of our players will decide to exercise their right to not attend the voluntary offseason program,” the statement said. “That right is afforded to every player through our CBA. While our team is not unanimous, we respect the decisions of every player across the league and will remain professional in our approach to the game. Injury data and game performance last year show that a virtual offseason is beneficial to player health and safety. In addition, many of our players feel unsafe entering the facility as COVID protocols remain unclear.”

That the team is not unanimous makes clear that the Falcons will have offseason workouts, and some players will be there. So while the NFLPA is trying to rally players to stay away, they’re not getting everyone on board.

11 responses to “Many Falcons will skip voluntary workouts, but team is not unanimous

  1. By mid-season they’ll be out of contention and everyone on the team will wonder how it all went wrong.

  2. Are there any teams who have said they WILL do it?
    Or is it like, go back to work.. or stay home.
    You will get “paid” either way?

  3. MNGoon says:
    April 16, 2021 at 2:27 pm

    By mid-season they’ll be out of contention and everyone on the team will wonder how it all went wrong.


    Says the Viking fan…

    Well, at least y’all don’t have to wait until mid-season to figure the same thing out for yourselves.

  4. I’m sure a lot of players don’t feel safe with Covid around. But social media posts will show that many players feel totally safe hanging out at parties and nights out and having fun in public.

  5. The NFL’s problem are undrafted rookies. They have nothing to gain by skipping workouts. On the contrary, they will take bottom of the roster players roster spot.

  6. It’s voluntary.

    I can see many veterans thinking…”Why should I risk getting injured for a voluntary workout that I don’t get paid for?”

    The rookies may feel differently.

  7. So I guess all us regular joes can just decline that “voluntary” unpaid overtime at work and keep our jobs then? Probably not.

  8. Smart people and businesses are working remotely all over the country, trying to keep the virus from spreading so we can all get back to normal. It’s the people who aren’t being smart that are needlessly prolonging the shutdown. This thing sucks and it has gone on way longer than it needed to. NFL players make a good living with their bodies. Strong, healthy bodies are a requirement, and this virus, and the long term effects from this virus are not helpful toward building strong bodies. It’s really a no brainer. The NFL has made a huge effort recently toward making the game safer. The long term effects from head injuries has just become known in recent years. They’re finding long term health effects from the Covid virus too, and they haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg yet. Our government totally misjudged this thing from the beginning, and now we’re paying the price. Well, you can’t look back, you have to look forward. That’s what these players and the NFLPA are doing right now. Looking forward. You can’t always have immediate gratification.

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