Marshawn Lynch teams up with Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss vaccine reluctance

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Marshawn Lynch showed a fearlessness in his 12 seasons in the NFL. When it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, the former NFL running back admits his fear.

Lynch premiered a 30-minute interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on his YouTube channel Friday.

Lynch admitted he has not had a shot, and explained to Fauci the reluctance many in his community and other communities of color have of receiving a COVID-19 vaccination.

“We don’t seem to be on the well-received end of those situations,’’ Lynch said, via Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times. “I mean, I believe there is an education-type situation, and not so much the vaccination, but any time we have been told we are going to be in a situation to have something gave to us or put in our communities to help us, it seemed to turn out very bad for us.’’

Fauci called Lynch’s skepticism “a really good point.’’ He noted three different vaccines were tested on 30,000 or more people, including Blacks and Hispanics.

“I totally respect the reluctance that African Americans have about things like this because you’re absolutely right the history of how the federal government, going back decades, particularly in the area of medical issues, how they’ve treated African Americans has not been something to be proud of,” Fauci said. “When we get over this outbreak, I hope we don’t forget all the things you are talking about. What we’ve got to remember is let’s get through this coronavirus pandemic now. Let’s get African Americans and Hispanics vaccinated. But when it’s over, let’s try and make a commitment that would likely last for decades and decades to try and turn around those conditions that got African Americans behind the eight ball in the first place. That’s what we’ve got to do.’’

Lynch, who grew up in Oakland, said his goal was to educate communities of color, providing the information necessary for each individual to make the best decision for him or her.

“It’s all educational for me,” Lynch said, via the Associated Press. “Hopefully, this gets across to the individuals that need the information, that need the education. Hopefully, it makes an impact.”

27 responses to “Marshawn Lynch teams up with Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss vaccine reluctance

  1. I’ll be happy to listen to Fauci when he can tell me what he is looking for that says we are through this nightmare. When asked about that this week he whiffed in a big way. If he can’t or won’t answer that question why should we listen to him on anything else?

  2. It will be over when people get the jab. What ya afraid of brah? Ya gonna turn into a zombie? Even if it is a zombie shot you think ya smart enough to outlast a zombie attack? Doubt it. Bet you a donut that all the overweight smokers screaming about personal choices will die of starvation or shoot their own foot off in panic during a zombie outbreak. Only people who will survive a zombie outbreak are the whackjobs living off the grid. Don’t be scared brah….get the jab and come on over to the dark side

  3. It will be over when people get the jab.


    Uhhh no, we’ve been told that you still need to wear masks and social distance even after the jab. Plus I went to a funeral last week of a guy that got covid after the vaccine… my mom and step-dad just came to town to see one of his friends who is dying from covid who also conveniently had the vaccine.

    If you think it ends with the vaccine you’re not very bright.

  4. Why? The virus has a 99% survival rate. The jab has tons of side effects and might require booster shots. Think!

  5. 31 million sick from covid, 565,000 deaths.

    VS. 7 sick from the J&J vaccine, 1 death.

    Zero people sick from the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. Zero deaths.

    This is an easy choice! Get vaccinated, stay healthy.

  6. 500k + dead and some commenters people want to play politics. The anti-science attitude in this country makes Idiocracy look prophetic.

  7. Fauci did say when it would be over – when there is less than 10,000 cases per day. He has said it a lot. But let me tell you – it wont be over ever unless we eradicate it – which we wont, because people wont do what is necessary. In the effort to demand freedom to not do what is necessary to end it, they have lost their freedom. For instance, the “smart” people of Green Bay where I am originally from, decided that they did not want to do what was necessary and they lost their freedom to go to Packer games last fall. But hell – they could still go out drinkin every night. You wanna see what the end looks like – just research Israel – you will find your answer there.

  8. Ok, all you antivaxxers, go down to the Amazon without malaria protection. Pretty dumb.

  9. Good mixture. A guy that hates to talk and be in front of a camera joins forces with a guy that can’t get enough of himself talking and loves nothing more than a camera. Fauxi can pound sand. Worthless goon only cares about power.

  10. I assume that most of the anti-vaxxers were vaccinated for measles, mumps, polio, etc. How are they doing? Any side effects? Did they avoid polio?

  11. “itsouryear says:
    April 16, 2021 at 7:21 pm
    I’ll be happy to listen to Fauci when he can tell me what he is looking for that says we are through this nightmare. When asked about that this week he whiffed in a big way. If he can’t or won’t answer that question why should we listen to him on anything else?”

    Wow, he *specifically* answered that question today. Point blank. So that just proves you are lazily regurgitating what someone told you simply because you want to believe it. Nice try but busted. BTW, we listen to him because he has devoted his life to virology and infectious disease whereas you have absolutely no clue about either. You must be thrilled at the 500000+ dead because your messiah failed.

  12. You go Marshawn and Dr. Fauci! God bless you both.

    PFT posse: fewer than 1 in 10,000 people who have been vaccinated contract the SARS CoV2 virus and only 1 in 1,000,000 who have been vaccinated will die from COVID19. This treatment is nothing short of a miraculous invention, discovered and distributed in an impossibly short time. This is what mankind can do when we put our minds to it and put partisan politics aside for the benefit of everyone.

  13. I get a flu shot every year. I know it won’t be 100% protective against the flu virus, but I feel confident it will ensure that I don’t get a bad case or die from the flu. I see this COVID vaccine as similar to the flu vaccine, only it looks so far like it’s more protective. It doesn’t guarantee you won’t get COVID if you’re directly exposed to the virus, but it does prevent almost all infections, severe cases and deaths. What’s more, if enough of us get out there and get the darned thing, we’ll finally be able to get back to something like normal life.

    Since the virus is still running rampant and even increasing among the unvaccinated population, I wear a mask when I am in public inside or not distanced. It’s just the logical thing to do when you’re dealing with an airborne virus. I don’t understand this whole “freedom” argument around not wearing masks. What freedom? To get sick? To infect other people? To extend this pandemic far beyond the time when we could have stamped it out? When I think about all the sacrifices our parents and grandparents made during the years of WW2, I’m ashamed of how little today’s Americans are willing to do for the good of our country.

  14. jasons81 says:

    “Uhhh no, we’ve been told that you still need to wear masks and social distance even after the jab.”

    What an amazing inconvenience it must be for you to wear a mask. And you also have to stand a few feet away from other people, instead of sidling up to complete strangers and breathing down their necks? The pure horror for you.

  15. It’s amazing no matter how uplifting a story on PFT can be, the comments bring in a equally powerful state of depression for me. Yea, your body, your choice bro. And the world will continue to suffer because of our collective selfishness.

  16. I have a lot more respect for the Beast Mode than the politicians who are trying to crucify Dr. Fauci. The Beast Mode is trying to help America fight the pandemic and that is good and patriotic.

  17. Quid Pro Joe says: “Why? The virus has a 99% survival rate.” Because 1% of a hundred-million infected people is a million dead people. Then the people who do live often have their lungs scarred. Really, though, the government and the bosses only care that it will be a new flu that costs a bunch of man hours every year.

  18. californianewton, that is one thing that Bay Area and Seattle fans can agree on: Marshawn Lynch is a completely awesome person. I wonder if he would ever want to be governor. I have no doubt that he would be a better politician than Steve Largent was.

  19. Stop. This guy is a government clown set up to see who gets money for vaccines and other off the wall research. He was also in charge of doling out money to China for the covid 18 research in 2014. Dude also helped create protection for companies that do vaccines to get sued during the reagan administration
    The guy who invented the pcr test even called this a guy a know nothing clown

  20. “It’s all educational for me…” And that is key. People must become informed.

    If you cannot or will not protect yourself by properly wearing a proper N95 mask & eye protection, and frequently disinfecting your hands — then your only line of defense against a lethal enemy is vaccination. the SARS-CoV-II virus is REAL and it really kills.

    Almost 600,000 Americans have died in the last 12 months from Covid-19. That is equal to 28 dead attendees per NFL game, every game, every week, for one season. If you knew that 28 people would be randomly selected for execution, would you go to an NFL game? Yet, huge numbers of people still go out and about without properly wearing a proper N95 mask, and essentially spit on each other to get killed.

    Fauchi is generally correct here, but his credibility is SEVRELY impuned by his horribly negligent handling of Lyme disease treatment. A better medical spokesperson would be wise for the government.

  21. itsouryear says:
    April 16, 2021 at 7:21 pm
    I’ll be happy to listen to Fauci when he can tell me what he is looking for that says we are through this nightmare. When asked about that this week he whiffed in a big way. If he can’t or won’t answer that question why should we listen to him on anything else?
    I saw that hyperbolic sycophant Jim Jordan bullying him as well. What idiot would think that Fauci or anyone else would have an exact number of when we can take the masks off? A lot of the pandemic has been learning and trying to figure things out as we move through it.

    I also enjoy people talking about side effects of the vaccine when they don’t think twice about the side effects of taking an aspirin or a newly prescribed common medication.

    It’s unfortunate that masks have been politicized, that the silly partisan attacks on Fauci continue, and the anti-vaxxers continue their poorly educated campaign of misinformation.
    Good thing they weren’t around for polio or smallpox, otherwise with that kind of thinking we’d still be fighting those as well, while those who declined vaccinations would take no responsibility for spreading at all.

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