Patriots cut Dustin Woodard

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The Patriots reinstated center Dustin Woodard to their roster earlier this week. They waived Woodard on Friday.

New England made the former Memphis center a seventh-round draft choice in 2020, but he retired during training camp. He decided to return this season.

But if Woodard is going to get a chance ever to play in the NFL, it appears he will have to get that chance somewhere other than New England.

Woodard started 52 games at Memphis, first at guard and then at center.

The Patriots are set at the position, having re-signed David Andrews and brought back Ted Karras.

10 responses to “Patriots cut Dustin Woodard

  1. He retired during training camp when he learned in the NFL you gotta work every single day.

  2. This is a genius move by the genius, Bill Belichick. This is a move that no one else would have thought of. It’s why he’s the master.

  3. If the guy unretired a week or two earlier before Karras was signed he might have had a chance to earn a roster spot.

  4. Is a genius move to being a guy back and cut him?


    It is trial and error, that is how Belichick built offense with Brady.

    The fool thought he could pull the same strategy without Brady.

  5. I’m confused about the move but it was done by BB. Therefore I shall deem it a genius move. Don’t you dare ever question the move to add a player to the roster then cut him if it’s done by BB. If BB did it, it is because BB is playing wheel of fortune while everyone else plays checkers!

  6. Y’all realize that when a player retires the remainder of their contract is paused? When a player un-retires their contract just starts where it left off with the same team. The guy was with the Pats when he retired and he was still with the team when he came back. Bill just let him go find another team after he filed his paperwork.

    Same situation when Gronk came back. Tampa had to trade with the Patriots to get him.

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