Sean McVay: I’m really excited about collaborating with Matthew Stafford

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With the dust settled from the Rams trade for Matthew Stafford, the team has reason for optimism about what his addition can do for the team’s offense.

Wide receiver Robert Woods made his excitement clear during a Thursday appearance on PFT Live. And in an interview on the Rich Eisen Show this week, Rams head coach Sean McVay discussed how Stafford’s skillset factors into the scheme.

“When you look at what he can do, you’re able to execute and activate your play actions, your movements, those things,” McVay said. “But when you get into the known-passing [situations] — the third downs, the two-minute drills at the end of the half, end of the game — the way that he’s able to move and manipulate the pocket, the way he’s able to recognize and understand coverage and make all five eligibles come alive, the way that he can create off-schedule, in the pocket, out of the pocket, and just his overall competitiveness and command, those are the things I think he brings to the table.

“When you’re really playing that position, when you’re asked to get through progressions, recognize, read, solve problems protection wise, you’re seeing him do a lot of those things. And to be able to work together, to collaborate, I’m really excited about that collaboration because he’s got a lot of good film and a lot of exposure to different systems that ultimately, you’ll see us bring into our arsenal because it starts with the quarterback always in everything we do.”

After finishing in the top two in scoring in each of McVay’s first two seasons, the Rams fell to No. 22 in 2020. Time will tell if bringing Stafford aboard will help Los Angeles’ offense get back to its earlier levels.

10 responses to “Sean McVay: I’m really excited about collaborating with Matthew Stafford

  1. I have to say, I’m a modern guy, “woke” as all the kids are saying. But he’s going to “collaborate”? Kinda miss the days when Bill Parcels would literally tear Simms’ head off for screwing up. In football I kinda like that kind of collaboration sometimes too.

  2. I’ll admit that I’m pretty interested in seeing Stafford play for a team that is pretty well-run and well-coached, at least compared to where he was thus far in his career.

  3. Matt STATford is not a winner, he didn’t win anything at the college level, he didn’t win anything since 2008 with the Lions, I think since 2008 he lead to them to 3 winning seasons, 0-3 in the playoffs, and no division titles – yes it’s a team sport but when you consume 20-30% of the cap space, the blame rides on your shoulders, Ram fans putting faith behind STATford will be very disappointed like every Lion fan has since 2008.

  4. If the receivers can catch bullets they’ll thrive with Staff. He throws hard into small windows when comming from behind.

  5. He was also excited to collaborate with Goff — until he treated him like dirt and turned his back on him.

  6. McVay is looking forward to having someone who can execute his offense AND recognize the times to exploit opportunities that arise without the delayed recognition and long wind-up that lead to wasted chances. Will he get that? Who knows. But he knew he wasn’t getting it from Goff nor would he, that team is not getting any younger and the NFC West is not getting any easier.

  7. IT will be nice to see Stafford play with a team that can run the ball and has a stout defense. He’ll be protecting a lead instead of playing from behind. Go Rams!

  8. The Lions did MS a good turn by trading him. maybe they learned a lesson from the Megatron days…

  9. Not sure he has seen the past two seasons of Stafford but what will be interesting is what happens if they finish third and miss the playoffs. And where is the restructuring of Staffords contract while the defense has lost multiple starters to free agency.

    Maybe doing tequila shots in Mexico with Stafford closed the deal but what was his blood alcohol at the time of trade

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