49ers players say “many” will not attend “some or all phases” of in-person workouts

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks
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The 49ers players became the latest group to issue a statement on the voluntary offseason program, but it seems like they were unable to reach a unanimous decision on how to proceed.

The NFLPA released the statement on Saturday, which cites concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for players to stay away.

“We have all seen the impact of the pandemic on our team and our community,” the statement reads. “Last year, the virtual offseason kept us safe in an uncertain environment while allowing us to work together as a team. The fight against COVID-19 is still ongoing and case numbers are still concerning. We are apprehensive about taking avoidable risks in the spring as we prepare to perform at the highest level in the fall. Given these considerations, many in our locker room have chosen not to attend some or all phases of the voluntary in-person workouts. At the same time, we all remain dedicated to our club, our teammates, and our community. Those of us who prepare elsewhere will hold ourselves to our club’s highest standards. We stand in solidarity with all players across the league and trust that they will each make the best decision for themselves and their families.”

In saying “many in our locker room” and “some or all phases” of the offseason program, the statement leaves the door open for San Francisco’s players to be in the facility whenever they see fit this spring.

The 49ers are now the 16th team to issue a statement regarding in-person voluntary workouts, though several have had varying stances on whether all or part of the respective teams will stay away from the facility in the spring.

The virtual portion of the NFL’s offseason programs are scheduled to begin on Monday.

4 responses to “49ers players say “many” will not attend “some or all phases” of in-person workouts

  1. They’re not going to be attending to night 1 of the draft for a few years either after making that boneheaded trade.

  2. Few people are volunteering. The are exercising their personal liberty to stay healthy.

  3. This stance by the NFLPA will negatively impact veterans who took those 1-year deals hoping to prove their worth in 2021 for multi-year deals next season. I think that’s why we see words like “many” and “may”. Niners in particular have so many guys returning from serious injury that many *will* be present.

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