Man who accused Aaron Donald of assault apologizes, says he made a mistake

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The man who accused Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald of assault is now apologizing to Donald, saying he was mistaken about who injured him in a fight early Sunday morning.

The accuser, DeVincent Spriggs, suffered injuries in the fight and originally claimed Donald attacked him. But security camera footage did not show that, and Spriggs now says he was wrong about who hit him in the fight.

“I wanted to make this statement public. And to extend an apology to Aaron for what he’s gone through, but I clearly know this was not him,” Spriggs’ attorney, Todd Hollis, said in a statement to KDKA.

Donald’s attorney says that it was Spriggs who started the fight by swinging a bottle at Donald, causing others to jump on Spriggs, and that Donald actually saved Spriggs by breaking up the fight.

62 responses to “Man who accused Aaron Donald of assault apologizes, says he made a mistake

  1. Wow someone actually admitted that they made a mistake? What’s this world coming to?

  2. Fair enough. Dude was prob drunk, and might’ve just thought AD’s crew were doing his bidding.

  3. Translation: I was totally planning on swindling Aaron Donald for all he’s worth, but I didn’t know there was video of the incident, so now I have to make myself seem respectful and sympathetic in an attempt to save face.

  4. The NFL should take an active role in streamlining the process. All first round picks should have the NFL file a frivolous lawsuit against them. This will give the players some needed experience. At a later date the NFL of course would drop the lawsuits. /s

  5. On what basis did his attorney make the accusation? Maybe Donald should counter-sue these two just to send a message/

  6. I would have thought that Sprigg’s attorney would have view the video before making accusations, but then again that’s my opinion.

  7. Yeah. Let’s not crown Donald a hero just yet. We haven’t been told who the “others” were who immediately attacked Spriggs, and why.

    Good bet it was a bunch of Donald’s buddies.

    So what Donald was really doing was stopping his drunk buddies from killing Spriggs.

  8. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for that meddling video footage…

  9. attempted money grab, caught by modern technology….welcome to the the future.

  10. Came to see if all the idiots from a couple of days ago who assumed Donald’s guilt make a retraction….somehow I doubt it.

  11. “We haven’t been told who the “others” were who immediately attacked Spriggs, and why.”

    Spriggs swung a bottle at someone’s head.

    Three guesses as to what happens, at a bar, after something like that.

  12. It’s easy enough to get confused as to what happened in the chaos of a fight when you’re sober and winning, let alone when you’ve been drinking and taking the bulk of the beating. The fact that the dude publicly apologized means the most likely explanation is that the dude just made an honest mistake.

  13. It appears this bad dude is a threat to society.anyone who goes after a man,let alone an nfl player, with a bottle is a continuing threat to society and should be charged with assault.

  14. I dont know who even tries to pick a fight with this guy. He throws grown, NFL lineman around like sacks of potatoes. I played professional hockey, and a big part of my game was throwing hands. I wouldn’t even think about swinging on this guy. Not a chance……. he is on another level.

  15. The guy got beat up pretty bad and was probably knocked unconscious. The first thing he probably remembered when he woke was seeing Aaron Donald and assumed that Aaron was the one who beat him up

  16. So, where are all the apologies from those people who judged Aaron Donald as if he was guilty prior to this video? They’re very quiet now as they slip back into the cracks and crevices of their arroant ignorance.

  17. This guy should try out for the Rams at cornerback… Seems to be pretty good at backpedaling.

  18. Translation : Sorry, I didn’t know this was caught on camera and I was just looking for the guy with the deepest pockets.

  19. In the video it looked like Donald was trying to push people off of the guy…actually he was trying to help the dude. Donald may want to re-think his circle of friends. Ray Lewis practically got away with murder but times are different – everyone has a camera now.

  20. It looks like the guys Aaron was with tried to kill the guy on the ground. Nice buddies, Aaron.

  21. I think it would be kind of fun to attack Aaron Donald, I mean what could go wrong?

  22. This is why I use the phrase “rush to judgement” whenever I hear people going off about an incident like this before all the evidence has been heard in a court of law.
    I reminded everyone not to rush to judge Deshaun Watson, and let it play out in court before making comments about it.
    I say the same things about police that are involved in incidents, too. Let our judicial system do its job before we rush to judgement!
    Our judicial system isn’t perfect, but its foundation of “innocent until proven guilty” is. It’s what separates us from most of the countries around the world.

  23. He should counter sue if not himself for those future NFL players who maybe subjects of frivolous lawsuit.

  24. redeemerac says: Came to see if all the idiots from a couple of days ago who assumed Donald’s guilt make a retraction….somehow I doubt it.

    Only one that matters and Spriggs did it. No doubt influenced by evidence.

  25. 2ruefan says:
    Yeah. Let’s not crown Donald a hero just yet. We haven’t been told who the “others” were who immediately attacked Spriggs, and why.
    The story is that Spriggs swung a bottle at Donald’s head. Words may have been exchanged prior, I don’t know, but there’s no justification for swinging a bottle at someone’s head (if indeed he did that). The people who jumped on Spriggs and chose using force to explain courtesy were there to protect Donald. Every body in Donald’s income bracket has body guards, even all-star defensive linemen.

  26. charliecharger spin it however you want to fit your narrative

  27. This seemed pretty out of character for Donald to begin with, but anyone can do any stupid thing while out drunk at 3AM. Maybe Spriggs was looking for a payday, maybe he genuinely made a mistake. A fight broke out in a poker game I was playing once, I got caught between two people and got punched, out of those two I accused the wrong one of hitting me, and everyone was sober in this case. I’d imagine things get even more confusing when everyone is drunk, as I assume was the case here. Donald could pursue legal action, which is absolutely his right, but I think everyone is better off and will choose to just let this story die.

  28. I’m A couple months shy of 40, And my going to bar days are really long behind me. All of my close friends that I would potentially be out with are all pretty reserved boring married dads at this point in life. I also haven’t been in a physical fight since I was 16, And even in college I didn’t roll with the people who were getting into fights.

    But I can tell you this, If I was out with friends and somebody swung a bottle at my head All of my friends are instantly going to jump To my defense , And I would also do the same for them.

    Quite frankly I think people need to have Some basic common sense and understand that if you try to hit someone with a bottle, Expect a pretty swift and overwhelming response.

  29. He didn’t make a mistake! He was going for the big settlement from a millionaire charge him with a crime idc if he was drunk or not

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