NFLPA statements about skipping voluntary workouts now total 15 teams

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The NFL Players Association has released statements from the players on many NFL teams about skipping voluntary offseason workouts. But we still haven’t heard from most teams.

Specifically, the Rams, Dolphins, Jets, Chargers, Falcons, Steelers, Raiders, Giants, Browns, Bears, Patriots, Lions, Buccaneers, Seahawks and Broncos have said they are skipping workouts, although how many players will actually stay home remains to be seen. At least some of the players on all of those teams will likely attend voluntary offseason work.

We also know that the Cowboys had a players-only Zoom on Wednesday to discuss the matter and have still not released a statement. We don’t know what was decided at that team meeting, but it might be that there’s not enough support within the Cowboys’ locker room for the union’s position to justify releasing a statement.

As PFT has previously reported, four teams — the Packers, Bills, Jaguars and Chiefs — will not be asked to skip workouts because many players on those teams have workout bonuses in their contracts.

It’s unclear whether any more teams are planning to release statements through the union, or whether the 15 teams that have already done so are the only ones where the players support the union’s stance.

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  1. I dont understand while players dont want to attend workouts. Especially, if they are young or going to a new team. The chance to mesh with your team and coaches and to be better. I definitely wouldnt miss them over money. They just gave the owners leverage now also. If players start not going to workouts. Owners will start negotiating contracts with higher bonuses added into contracts knowing they wont have to pay out millions per yr in workout bonuses

  2. Same players don’t have any issue going to a party, going to the club, or traveling the globe

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