Kevin Demoff: Aaron Donald case shows why we wait to let situations play out

Last week a man named DeVincent Spriggs accused Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald of assault, but after video of the incident emerged, Spriggs apologized and said he was mistaken. Rams Chief Operating Officer Kevin Demoff says the case shows why no one should rush to judgment.

“I think we’re in an era of cell phones and videos,” Demoff said, via the Los Angeles Daily News. “I think one of the things, it’s always good to let situations play out. That’s true in a particular time like this, when it appears to vindicate the player, and it’s true, unfortunately, if it hadn’t. I think it’s cliché to say we’ll let the legal process play out. This is one where it may have happened quickly. We will see how it concludes. I think we’ll just continue to let the story unfold the way it is.”

When the accusation was first leveled against Donald, the Rams released a noncommittal statement saying only that they were “collecting more information.”

They were surely pleased that the additional information vindicated Donald.