Kyle Pitts on describing his position: Probably a hybrid-type thing

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Kyle Pitts may be the first non-quarterback drafted this month and his father will get some credit for helping his son rise to the top of the class.

During an appearance on Brother From Another this week, Pitts said his father saw the way players like Travis Kelce and George Kittle were making the tight end position “relevant” and encouraged his son to make the move from quarterback to the new spot. Pitts said it wasn’t the easiest change and an early coach told him he wouldn’t be able to do it, but it “all came to fruition” while he was at Florida.

Pitts’ mixture of size, speed, and production as a receiver are reminiscent of Kelce and Kittle as well as Raiders star Darren Waller, which has led to a lot of discussion about the best way to utilize him in the pros. Pitts said that his description of his ideal role would not be limited to tight end.

“I would just say probably a hybrid-type thing,” Pitts said. “You know, being able to do everything on the field, being able to be in-line, hipped off, backside, playing receiver, in the bunch, outside. So just hybrid means just everybody, everywhere.”

Pitts’ potential reportedly has Cowboys owner Jerry Jones “infatuated” with him and he likely isn’t lacking for company from teams picking at the top of the draft.

11 responses to “Kyle Pitts on describing his position: Probably a hybrid-type thing

  1. Jerruh will need to take Jay Novacek’s #84 Jersey away from Sean McKeon for this to happen.

  2. It’s weird how this is becoming the most anticipated draft in a long time and we already know who’s going 1 and 2. Atlanta should shake up the draft by taking Pitts. Everyone expects them to trade the pick to Denver, Carolina, or New England for a huge haul, so staying and taking Pitts at #4 would make the draft exciting. Pitts is an elite hybrid receiver we’ve not seen before and with a good QB like Ryan, he could pop immediately in the NFL. Then it makes the Bengals to team to watch. Cinci could trade back to #8 or #9, acquire some good picks and still get Sewell. If the Bengals stay at 5, Miami won’t draft a QB and could trade down and get even more picks.

  3. Well the Kittle fanboys have a weird obsession/fetish with blocking so be prepared to hear about that.

  4. These guys come around every so often, but seldom turn out. It’s a tough position to succeed at. The game changes so much and there’s so much responsibility. Hopefully he turns into a star.

  5. If you can’t block , you shouldn’t be playing tight end. It’s pretty simple

  6. Kellen Winslow Jr (6th), Vernon Davis (6th), Eric Ebron (10th) and TJ Hockenson (7th) are the only TE’s taken in the top ten over the past 20 years. 2 of them were drafted way too high. The jury is still out on Hockenson. Good luck to Pitts, but history is not on his side.

  7. If BB gets him he will revolutionize the three tight end wishbone attack you heard it here first.

  8. I still believe Atlanta will most likely trade the pick to someone who is looking to move up to take a QB with the pick. That team will have to have the draft capital to interest Atlanta. It will be a bidding war for those who are looking for a QB. Jerry Jones would be a fool to try to outbid those teams. He would be better served to try trading with teams drafting after Atlanta pick.

  9. For sure but I feel its easier said then done, especialy when talking about a rookie… I know Waller on top of beeing a freak athelete is also extremely smart, savy on the field and a relentless worker… The Raiders offense is complex and he makes plays line up at any position.

    Dont be surprised if as a rookie his role is not as hybrid as anticipated…

  10. Hard for me to see Atlanta trading back. They either need a QB of the future or an offensive star to give Ryan one more chance to shine. They might be able to trade for a pick that will get them one of those things next year, but it’s doubtful the talent available will top this year’s.

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