Who will be the sixth quarterback taken?

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Trevor Lawrence will be the first pick in the draft. Zach Wilson will be the second. Another quarterback will go third.

Then, it gets interesting. Will the NFL draft commence four for four at the quarterback position for the first time ever? Even if the Falcons don’t take a quarterback or trade the pick to someone who will, it won’t be long until the fourth quarterback is selected.

And then it won’t be long until the fifth quarterback goes, quite possibly in the top 10 selections.

So after Lawrence and Wilson and then, in whatever order they go, Justin Fields, Mac Jones, and Trey Lance, who’s next?

The next cut consists of Davis Mills of Stanford, Kellen Mond of Texas A&M, Jamie Newman of Wake Forest, and Kyle Trask of Florida. Different teams will have those players ranked in different orders. Ultimately, someone will take a quarterback after the first five, and that team will take the one at the top of the list.

Whether that happens in round one or round two or round three remains to be seen. However, as more teams take quarterbacks early, there’s a good chance others will be off the board sooner than expected, too.

There’s also a decent chance one of the guys from that second tier will end up being pretty good. Just like guys from past drafts who went later than the first round ended up being pretty good.

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  1. I cant believe Newman would be the next 1 on any teams boards. I’d say it’s either Trask or Mond but I’d be surprised if they go before the end of round 2/beginning of round 3

  2. Trask to New Orleans or New England. Both teams know how to use a pocket passer who has accuracy, pocket awareness, intelligence, basically everything you need to succeed except the threat to run the ball.

  3. Watch Mills be better than all of them on any level and then all the pundits and so called ‘experts’ will be wringing their hands and saying ‘how could we have missed him?’

  4. The bigger question is – out of those first 5 quarterbacks how many will have successful NFL careers?

  5. The Pack will probably pick one more QB in the first and send a clear message to Rodgers, hint your days are over, dont expext mo money we aint got none pal, you took it all. LOL
    No one more year and they try and trade in for picks and a rebuild. Just like they did to Favre.

  6. Why waste ANY of this ‘article’ on the top 5? Just dig into the plus/minuses of the 2nd tier and where they might fit in for teams picking 10-32.

    You want us to guess for you, then cherry pick the comments?

  7. As an Aggie, I urge teams to avoid Mond like the plague. One good year as a starter does not make up for the three bad years he had before 2020.

  8. I like Mond. I have him above Lance. I wouldnt touch Lance until the third round. I dont get all the love for him. Russell the could throw the ball 70 yards on his knees, the problem was he wasnt good at football. Guy is gonna be a big time bust. Mond however is gonna be a serviceable nfl qb at worst. I probably would take Mond over Jones as well.

    This is one of the most over rated qb classes in a long time. Lawrence is pretty much a sure thing and Wilson and Fields atleast high ceilings even they both also have high bust potential but thats it for first round qbs imo. The idea that if you need a qb you HAVE to take one in the first round is super overrated and a big reason bad franchises stay bad franchises.

  9. A team will trade back into the first round to take a QB due to the 5th year option. It only make sense to due that with a QB, even if it’s overdrafting.

  10. BB will take the greatest of the group and he will be a hall of famer check the history books he’s done it before.

  11. With all the starters coming back from last year, and many key reserves, I would be surprised to see the Bucs draft at QB that they fell could replace Brady when they times comes. Right now there is nobody on the roster capable of replacing Brady when he does hang it up. It makes even more sense if you consider that 5th years option for a #1 pick. The Bucs can afford to draft for the future.

  12. No surprise if in 5-10 years, history shows only Jones and Trask still starters and successful careers..
    Hopefully they both escape the quicksand known as the bottom 10 “Loser” teams… Make it to a team in the teens that just need a few pieces as well as QB!

  13. Here is my take base don past actions by the Patriots under Bill Belichick.
    The Pats will trade down in the first round to the end of it or to the early part of round 2. Preferably late first as that allows for a 5th year option which is very valuable for the salary cap. When he does this BB will draft either Kellen Mond or Jamie Newman. My guess is BB is leaning towards Newman which is why he resigned Cam Newton to help ease him into the NFL.

    Just my guess, no inside information. A guess as I stated based on the past actions BB has taken with the draft. Trade downs are his specialty as it allows him to harvest more future picks in 2022.

  14. An end zone pylon moves better than Kyle Trask.

    Florida QB’s are better than Ohio State QB’s in the NFL. That’s not saying much. Rex Grossman is the best NFL QB to come out of Florida.

  15. Tyelee
    I completely agree, with Lawerence added on also. I’ve had it drilled into my head for three years he’s a can’t miss and the indoctrination is in there even if for some inexplicable reason he seems a little less impressive as his college career continued to me. Must disclose I didn’t see ANY of Wilson or Monds games only highlights and prodays.

  16. “Mond however is gonna be a serviceable nfl qb at worst.”

    If you say so. He was good last year and kind of “meh” his previous seasons. Definitely improving which is a good sign but not exactly dominant, especially against top competition. His best trait against the better opponents last year is that he avoided interceptions. He’ll have to keep improving to even be serviceable in the NFL.

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