Alex Smith considered signing with Jaguars after visiting Jacksonville

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Alex Smith announced his retirement Monday, but the quarterback had a chance to continue his career. Multiple teams were interested in Smith, according to NFL Media, and Smith said he visited Jacksonville before making his decision to call it quits final.

Smith said he was “so excited” about the possibility of reuniting with Urban Meyer, Smith’s college coach at Utah.

“I wanted to do my due diligence even though I was leaning towards retirement,” Smith told ESPN. “I wanted to marinate in it a little bit. I wanted to see what was out there, and I’m happy I did.

“But . . . I was ready [to retire]. I am ready. I’m so excited about what else is out there and most of all to experience it with my family and to have no limitations and to take on the challenges that lie ahead.”

Meyer said the Jaguars would “keep an eye on” Smith.

Smith still could return this season, though he sounded Monday as if his decision is final after 16 seasons with three teams. The 49ers made him the first overall choice in 2005, and he also played for the Chiefs and the Washington Football Team.