Andy Reid calls “first dibs” on Alex Smith if he goes into coaching

Alex Smith played five seasons in Kansas City. His final season there came in 2017 as he groomed Patrick Mahomes to take over his job.

Sure enough, the Chiefs traded Smith to the Washington Football Team in 2018, opening the door for Mahomes to become a league MVP and eventually a Super Bowl MVP for the Chiefs.

“Just a tremendous guy, obviously a great player,” Mahomes said, via Pete Sweeney of “Dealt with adversity throughout his career and always seemed to come out on top and be better from it. He’s dealt with different coaches. He’s dealt with different systems, and he’s always had success and obviously with the injury that he had, been able to come back and lead his team to the playoffs. It shows the type of man that he is, the type of team player that he is, and I’m just grateful for the time that I had with him that really developed me to be the quarterback I am today.”

Chiefs coach Andy Reid and Mahomes were conducting interviews when news of Smith’s retirement broke. Smith has an open invitation to join the Chiefs’ coaching staff, Reid said, if that’s something the former No. 1 overall draft choice decides he wants to do one day.

“You guys know what I feel about him,” Reid said. “He’s just a heck of a person. He had a great career. He played so many years here with different teams, and everywhere he went, he made them better. I texted him a while back if he gets into coaching I get first dibs on him, which I doubt he will, but if he decides to go that route, he’d be a guy that you’d love to have on your staff. He is really a special person. He’ll go down as one of my all-time favorites there.”

9 responses to “Andy Reid calls “first dibs” on Alex Smith if he goes into coaching

  1. Wow. His quotes about Smith’s character & a desire to be back around him say everything. Great post!

  2. Could be as good of a QB coach off the bat as any player transferring to coaching in my opinion. His career and setbacks showed he handled adversity well, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Plus he was good enough as a player that I think he will be able to relate to young guys he needs to communicate with on how to improve. If he understands the nuances and X’s and O’s of an offense and can communicate that effectively to someone else I think this is a no brainer. Good luck to him.

  3. Alex Smith Is a MAN among boys. His story is so very inspiring. Fighting back from his injury and proving himself again. Awesome. Now, go off and enjoy it! Family time and who knows who else you might inspire! Good job man!

  4. Get Smith and get rid of that goof that some think should get every head coaching job in the league

  5. Rodgers will make the ‘Hall Of Shame’ someday but Smith will be always be remembered.

  6. It’s already been said, but look at how presence alone with how Mahomes started (and is still going), and even Kaepernick. Kap fell off big-time without Smith around (and Harbaugh, to be fair, and I’m not going into the “off field” circus). He’s instantly a solid QB coach, and game develop into an OC. I’m excited to think of the possibilities if he does coach!

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