Andy Reid says his “heart goes out” to those in crash involving his son

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Britt Reid, a former Chiefs assistant coach who is Andy Reid’s son, turned himself into authorities a week ago after being charged with driving while intoxicated. During Super Bowl LV week, Britt Reid was involved in a three-car crash that seriously injured 5-year-old Ariel Young.

Many questions remain about the incident, which the NFL is investigating, and Andy Reid was asked about it Monday.

“Obviously, my prayers and thoughts go out to everybody involved,” Andy Reid said, via KMBC News. “Because of the legal situation, I can’t talk about it now, but just from a humane standpoint, my heart goes out to those who are involved in it.”

It remains unknown where Britt Reid consumed alcohol, and Andy Reid was asked whether it occurred at the team facility.

“There is a policy, and there is a league policy,” Andy Reid said. “I can’t go into all of that. But there is obviously a policy.”

The Chiefs released a statement last week, saying, “The Kansas City Chiefs organization remains steadfast in our concern for all who have been impacted by this tragic accident. Our prayers are focused on Ariel’s continued healing and recovery. The Chiefs are regularly in contact with the family’s designated representative during this challenging time.”

Britt Reid, who has a previous drunk driving conviction, was going 83.9 mph and had a blood alcohol concentration of .113 when he slammed his car into a car that had pulled over to assist a stalled car, prosecutors say. The 5-year-old girl was released from the hospital last week after waking up from a coma Feb. 15 but faces permanent brain injuries, according to an update from the family.

Britt Reid, formerly the Chiefs’ outside linebackers coach, missed the Super Bowl and no longer is employed by the team.

12 responses to “Andy Reid says his “heart goes out” to those in crash involving his son

  1. 3yardsndust says:
    April 19, 2021 at 5:02 pm
    Britt Reid is in deep trouble.

    No trouble that isn’t of his own doing.

  2. This obviously is awful. When the report came out last week stating he was going almost 84mph my first thought was “it’s amazing it wasn’t worse?”. My gosh, 84 mph is moving!

  3. onlyconservativeopinionsallowedhere says:
    April 19, 2021 at 5:45 pm
    why wasn’t he arrested that night?

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    The Chiefs are a protected team now. Hunt, Hill, Frank Clark and now this.

    Now we just need someone to run their cap numbers to see hoe far over they will be this year again.

  4. Andy is human, so of course he wants the best for all involved. Don’t we all?

  5. Feel bad for all involved. Andy could have been a little more timely with his statement. It happned over two months ago.

  6. Andy lost a kid to drugs and now has this. The poor little kid is the one to feel sorry for but as a parent i can’t imagine being on either side here.

  7. Andy Reid is, by all accounts, a good man. He’s dealt with problems before because of his sons.
    What his son Britt did this time has caused another person — a child, no less — to suffer irreparable harm. The parents and family of that poor little child have been irreparably harmed as well.
    No amount of money can ever replace what that child and his family have lost. Britt Reid should be put away for a long, long time so that he never has the chance to hurt anyone else again.
    I hope this is a reminder to us all that when we drink at sporting events and other functions and then climb behind a wheel of a car, we could be putting ourselves in the cross hairs of doing something equally as horrible as Britt Reid did. I have seen far too many football fans who drink a whole lot before games, during games, and even after games, then climb behind the wheel of their car to go home. It’s scary.

  8. Should’ve said this the day after it happened. Now he would be better served to just be quiet.

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