Dolphins may look to trade down from No. 6

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The Dolphins have already acquired the third overall pick in the draft in a trade with the Texans, then moved down from 3 to 12 in a trade with the 49ers, then moved up from 12 to 6 in a trade with the Eagles. And Miami may not be done.

The Dolphins are considering trading down from No. 6 and have already talked to multiple teams about it, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald had previously reported that the Dolphins would be more likely to trade down from No. 6 if both Florida tight end Kyle Pitts and LSU wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase are off the board before the Dolphins have the chance to take one of them with the sixth pick.

The Dolphins have two picks in the first round of the draft, two picks in the second round and two picks in the third round. So they’re in very good position to significantly improve their roster. But they’re not just standing pat with the picks they have.

20 responses to “Dolphins may look to trade down from No. 6

  1. The Fins traded down, then traded back up.
    Why would they trade down again?

    They gave up a fair amount to trade up, what will they get to drop back down?
    Maybe a QB desperate team will pay up.

    They need to pray Tua is the real deal.

  2. Knowing that QBs are going 1-2-3, they would be crazy to pass on one of Chase/Pitts/Sewell guaranteed at 6. The more likely scenario is that they’d hope to slide back a spot or two if another team trades up to Atlanta’s spot for a fourth QB.

  3. The Dolphins are trying to be like that tv show Barter Kings where you start with a paper clip or something and keep making multiple trades without currencies until you acquire a Lamborghini.

  4. Just Miami doing there due diligence. If players they covet are not there, of course they would at least attempt to trade down. I’d love to see Miami pick up some more draft picks.

  5. gabrosin says:

    April 19, 2021 at 6:02 pm

    Knowing that QBs are going 1-2-3, they would be crazy to pass on one of Chase/Pitts/Sewell guaranteed at 6. The more likely scenario is that they’d hope to slide back a spot or two if another team trades up to Atlanta’s spot for a fourth QB.
    Well that depends how far they would be dropping and what they would be getting in return. This isnt to say Sewell isnt highly thought of but if their able to move back and pick up a future 1st then you have to ask, especially since it’s a young team not just 1 piece away, is Sewell better than Slater and a future 1st? Is Chase better than Waddle or Smith and a future 1st? Granted the dropoff from Pitts to the next tight end is pretty big.

  6. They only have one 3rd rounder, not two as the article says. They have 6, 18, 36 and 50 in round 2, 81 in the 3rd, and then only a 5th and two late 7ths. I could see if QBs go 1-4, they could trade down with Denver if they want the 5th QB. Then at 9 you would have Sewell, Chase, Pitts, D. Smith, or Slater to choose from. Even if Chase and Pitts are off the board, I would take Sewell if I were the GM. You need a good RT (Tua’s blindside) and you need another OL anyway. Jackson and Sewell at OT, move Hunt to RG (his natural position). If they want to really move down, I would move down from #18 or #36.

  7. They don’t have 2 picks in the 3rd round. They have 2 picks in the 3rd round next year.

  8. Very smart. Ever since they made those trades, I’ve had in my mind they might trade down again on draft day. Moving with SF, Miami knew it was for a QB. And even though they traded back up, a trade over a month before the draft is not the same as a trade on draft day. If Atlanta picks a QB, watch out! They are better off than they were at just #3. If they like guys all the mocks aren’t choosing, moving down would be huge. The fact that they made their trade with Philly for a set amount, any team approaching Miami already knows the least they can trade to move up to #6.

  9. If the Dolphins get more than the Eagles for a similar move, then they make Roseman look like a moron.

  10. This is why Miami made those draft trades early. So they can do it again. I would love them to trade down a couple spots and get an extra 1st rounder they can use this year giving them 3. I don’t like taking a WR early in the 1st round. There are plenty of them. I don’t like taking a RB in the first round either, but I would use 1 of those 3 picks on RB Najee Harris. My perfect draft would be Pitts/fast WR, Najee Harris and a dedicated pass rusher.

  11. If I’m Chris Grier, I stay at #6 and get a game breaking player at WR or TE.
    The Phins don’t find themselves picking in the top 10 very often, but if you’re there and your team is in need of a game changer on offense then stay where you are and draft him.
    Extra draft picks are great but it also depends on who you use them on.
    The players on the Phins O are pedestrian at best although Gesiki is making strides into becoming a solid TE.
    Even his blocking has improved a bit.
    But other than him we have nobody.
    A decent number 1 RB is also a necessity on this team.
    With the dearth of quality DE prospects the way it is this year I would wait until next year to go DE early.
    How do you help a young QB? You give him weapons from which to choose. That’s what the Phins need in spades.

  12. I am a Bears fan but the Dolphins appear to be playing this draft well. They are squeezing every bit of value with all of these moves. When they traded back up to 6, not all of the top 5 qbs were predicted to be in the top 10. I would assume they predicted a frenzy which seems to have occurred and they are sitting on a pick with great value. Plus, they know Ryan Pace with the Bears will overpay.

  13. If I’m not mistaken Miami had 3 first round picks last year… None of the three picks impressed anybody nor were any of them the right pick being that much more talented players were still on the board but this year fans are convinced Chris Grier is going to hit a home run lmao. Chris Grier is bad at identifying talent… Grier is good at managing but not talent evaluation.

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