NFLPA: Players would be “better off” with elimination of all offseason work

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As it stands now, veteran NFL players only are required to show up for a three-day minicamp during the nine-week offseason program. The NFLPA has focused its attention of the voluntary portion of organized team activities, and players from 20 teams have released statements saying many of them will not participate.

But if the NFLPA had its way, this offseason — and every other future offseason — would look a lot like last offseason when everything was virtual. Players would not have to show up in person until training camp.

“We believe that the science and everything we’ve talked about before, would strongly demonstrate that we’d be better off not having even the mandatory minicamp,” NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said Monday, via Mary Kay Cabot of “With respect to the conversations we’re having with our players right now, it’s all about the voluntary OTAs. If there was going to be a change to the mandatory minicamps, that would have to be collectively bargained.”

That’s key: The mandatory minicamps — one for rookies and another for all players — were collectively bargained. The NFL has no intention of eliminating them.

The voluntary offseason programs, which began Monday, also aren’t going away despite the union citing a 23 percent reduction in missed-time injuries and a 30 percent reduction in concussions last season with no offseason workouts or preseason games.

Many players across the league showed up at their team training facilities Monday despite the union’s recommendation to skip voluntary work not tied to a workout bonus.

12 responses to “NFLPA: Players would be “better off” with elimination of all offseason work

  1. The NFL would be better off with the elimination of the NFLPA.

  2. Apparently, the NFLPA (union) wants to run their league through the high priced players, and the media…..sadly, this may lead to a lot of five year players being let go while newer, less costly players are brought on to fill out a roster…….

  3. I am one of the few football fans who hopes there is a strike or lockout. I hope it lasts for at least one whole season, too. I want them all to lose millions so they get a huge dose of reality, which they absolutely need.
    The greed and arrogance of the owners and players has reached an all time high and they all need the rug pulled out from under them.

  4. Makes sense considering some teams like Detroit and Cincinnati barely show up for games too.

  5. Players should be worked hard all year long. if for no other reason than to keep them out of trouble

  6. I’d bet the league has a fair number of these kind of guys: UDFA, gets cut, practice squad, gets cut, goes to second team, goes to every practice, lives at the facility, etc. Finally gets somewhere he really fits and thrives, and ends up playing 8-10 years. Very hard to do, but not a secret.

  7. Fascinating how fans are so upset because players don’t want to spend their off-time working.
    Well, actually it’s insane.

  8. Hey NFLPA, players would also be better off if instead of tackling they pulled a flag. Less injuries. Of course, the product would suck…..

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