Proposal to delay head coaching searches unlikely to pass

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NFL owners will vote on rule change proposals this week, including one from the Bills that would make a big change to the process of hiring head coaches.

The proposal calls for teams to wait until after the conference championship games to have contact or hold interviews with candidates for head coaching positions. None of those jobs could be offered or filled until after the Super Bowl and the proposal would also apply to coordinator jobs.

A team executive told Peter King in this week’s Football Morning in America that “everyone agrees the system is flawed and needs fixing,” but King reports that this proposal to address those flaws is not expected to pass when owners vote this week.

The votes for the Bills’ proposal and all of the other potential changes are set to take place on Wednesday.

11 responses to “Proposal to delay head coaching searches unlikely to pass

  1. Makes sense- takes away any distractions from teams whose coaches are working for teams currently competing

  2. I hope it does fail as it will lead to a parade of stories about how the teams are ignoring the rule. Anyone who wanted to hire Daboll (or Bieniemy) could have done so when he was doing HC interviews. The NFL has too many actual problems to deal with to waste time adopting rules to solve made up non-problems.

  3. Well if the league isn’t going to fix a flawed system, then that’s a shame. All coaches should be afforded the same opportunity to be hired, regardless of the teams record and for those teams that are in the playoffs? Those coaches need to focus on the job at hand.
    Teams also want to hire as quick as possible for various reasons that make complete sense.

    Pushing free agency and the draft back a bit and doing this (or a similar plan) only makes sense. So yeah, why would they do it.

  4. They should turn the entire hiring process into an event similar to how free agency works. Set a start date (the Monday following the Super Bowl) and open the floodgates to all the teams looking for new HC’s. Give everybody and even playing field.

  5. This seems like such a no-brainer. Why not delay these hires until after the Super Bowl? What else are they going to do to fix their “flawed” hiring system?

  6. fanindenial says:
    April 19, 2021 at 8:04 am
    Makes sense- takes away any distractions from teams whose coaches are working for teams currently competing


    The problem is you really cant’ stop it. The coach has an agent and that agent will shop for any opening he sees or thinks will come open. Just like agents for players are talking to teams well before the season is even over.

  7. That leaves less time for a newly hired HC to his coaches, and to prepare for the upcoming free agency and draft.
    While the GM does the signing and drafting, he does (should) solicit input from the coaches.

  8. Guys get hired off of playoff teams all the time. The fact Bienemy hasn’t yet is not a sign of a problem that needs fixing.

  9. I don’t think the issue being info this proposal is the who is and who is not a head coach, it’s the timing of interviews and inquiries in the midst of playoff runs. Some coordinators out grow their positions, and they should get HC interviews, but as someone mentioned above having a “free agency” start like they do for players would be great for interest from fans but it would also give teams time to really do homework on HC and coordinator candidates, I think it’s be a win win for all.

  10. Owners should hire who they want. when they want and only interview who they want to

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