Report: Single-digit number expansion “should pass easily”

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The No Fun League is about to get a little feisty.

At a time when pessimism prevails as to the many of the potential rule changes for 2021, Peter King of Football Morning in America reports that the Chiefs’ proposed expansion of single-digit numbers “should pass easily.”

As one unnamed club official told King, “Some of the crankiness about things like that needs to go away.”

The crankiness about this specific thing will be replaced by crankiness among players who already are jockeying for single-digit numbers, which if/when the change happens that will allow running backs, receivers, tight ends, linebackers, and defensive backs to shed double-digit numbers for single-digit numbers.

For example, Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey has told Rams receiver Robert Woods (who wore No. 2 at USC) that Ramsey wants that number. (Woods responds in the attached video from PFT Live.) Other players on other teams will have similar issues, whether it relates to unclaimed single-digit numbers, retired single-digit numbers (which in some cities are retired only until they aren’t), to single-digit numbers currently worn by backup quarterbacks or punters or kickers.

So get ready for the land rush that is destined to happen on 32 rosters, once the league unlocks the single-digit numbers for plenty of players who can’t wait to try to wear them.

6 responses to “Report: Single-digit number expansion “should pass easily”

  1. That’s unfortunate. The NFL is eventually going to look like the NBA clown show.

  2. Maybe teams can decide who gets the single digit number by assigning them to players who show up for off-season workouts.

  3. How could anyone be against this. It’ll be fun seeing the skill players wearing the single digits as they did in college

  4. Maybe I’m just a little bit set in my ways, but I just don’t see where all the “fun” comes from with single digit numbers for everyone.
    Why will this be any bit more entertaining for the average fan?
    Or even for the player, for that matter.

    Other than an option to possibly retain a college number a player held previously.
    And then there’s still the inevitable debate whether a new, highly regarded player should be able to have access to a number already held by another.
    And that leads into the usual “riveting” bartering that goes into that.

    Definitely more jerseys will be sold.
    It’s no wonder the owners approved of this measure.
    I simply cannot contain my excitement over this. 🙄

  5. Giving numbers is a voluntary thing by the team, players there for voluntary things might get the coveted numbers

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