Rusty Hardin: We are saying all 22 women suing Deshaun Watson are lying

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If there was any doubt (and there shouldn’t have been) regarding Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson‘s first substantive response to the civil charges against him, there should be none now. His lawyer, Rusty Hardin, admits that Watson and his lawyers believe that the women suing Watson are lying.

“Today we answered the lawsuits filed against our client Deshaun Watson,” Hardin said in a statement. “Mr. Watson has been adamant that he did not engage in any improper conduct and we strongly believe him. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether we are saying that all 22 plaintiffs are lying about the allegations of sexual misconduct by Mr. Watson is a resounding yes.

“We and Mr. Watson take allegations of sexual misconduct against women very seriously, as we all should. We have waited to respond to the numerous allegations made by Mr. Buzbee and his clients until we could responsibly investigate. In the few days since his accusers’ names have been revealed, as was required by Texas law, we are discovering an avalanche of false accusations.

“Only two of these 22 lawsuits allege forced sexual activity, which Mr. Watson vehemently denies. In the case of Sheneé Lawson, her business manager acknowledged to Mr. Watson’s marketing manager that the contact was consensual, but she still wanted money. And in the case of Marchelle Davis, witnesses state that Ms. Davis was happy and excited after she massaged Mr. Watson. She lied about being alone at the spa with him. She knew there was a security guard present at all times when Mr. Watson was there. In addition, she told witnesses that if Mr. Watson had paid her off, she would have supported him instead of suing him.

“I hope everyone will take a fair and measured look at these accusations as we go forward in these cases. We certainly welcome anyone with relevant information to contact us. We do not expect to make any other comment today. The next hearing in this case is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.”

At some point, a scheduling order will be entered in these cases, setting forth various dates and deadlines regarding the pre-trial activities during which the parties will search for evidence to support and/or refute the various claims.

A settlement is possible at any time. Today’s activities on Watson’s behalf quite possibly are intended to pressure the plaintiffs to come to the table.

28 responses to “Rusty Hardin: We are saying all 22 women suing Deshaun Watson are lying

  1. Wow, pretty bold. Then again, one probably has to be pretty bold to be a big shot Texas lawyer.

  2. I’ll reserve judgement for the courts to play out. But like ol jello man you don’t have 50 people come out against you and not be some truth in there somewhere.

  3. It’s really, really hard to believe that 22 women who have massaged Watson would all lie about that. We’ll see what a jury has to say about it.

  4. Yep, sure they are Rusty. It’s also completely normal to have over 40 massage therapists and shop for women on Instagram to have intercourse with you. Shows no issues at all.
    Rusty the Clown everyone!

  5. Scorched Earth method. If he’s not right Watson just sank a click lower to the bottom.

  6. I’m sure they are. If proven that they are lying, will their lawyer face any consequences? Probably not.

  7. “He said.
    She said.”

    Come on, man. 22 women? All verifiably hired in the same very unusual and sketchy way? All of whom were willing to release their names? All of whom describe the same thing happening to them?

    Would you let any of the important women in your life hang out alone with Deshaun Watson?

  8. Wow. That’s quite a stretch, when you add these 22 women to the 18 others who vouched for him. That is A LOT of women and a ridiculous amount of massages. That’s not normal.

  9. I was never a math major, but usually it’s much easier for 1 person to lie than say 22, no??

  10. If the plaintiffs come to the table, I am not sure what Watson will ask them to do next. Ahem.

  11. Great I look forward to finding out why Deshaun uses a massage therapist service instead of a dating service.

  12. Rusty – we, the fans, are saying that they aren’t all lying, but Watson 100% certainly is about some of them, at t he least.

  13. Here is the question everyone should be asking…….has he ever hired a male masseuse? If not. Why??!!

  14. How do 22 women all end up with the same lawyer in a civil suit and demand to be anonymous in a state that he full-well knows doesn’t allow them to remain anonymous?!

  15. While all the women are not probably not lying, a good lawyer can mitigate anything.

  16. sbc2556 says:
    April 19, 2021 at 4:44 pm
    How do 22 women all end up with the same lawyer in a civil suit and demand to be anonymous in a state that he full-well knows doesn’t allow them to remain anonymous?!


    It’s like a class action suit. The lawyers look for additional victims and add those to the lawsuit.

  17. It is hard to figure out which is the more preposterous statement: (i) 22 people are lying or (ii) the lawsuit alleges “ONLY” two forcible rapes.

  18. Yeah right!
    As an investigator you find out 23 people were in the room when a crime happened… 22 stories sound similar and 1 guy is opposite.. you don’t go with the one over the 22….
    most likely the one different story is the guilty or hiding something!

  19. I still haven’t seen anything close to proof that Watson did anything illegal.

  20. Digging in isn’t the best legal advice to give to Deshaun Watson. If he is smart he needs to change his attorney, but maybe the damage is done already. All 22 women are lying? For what? It doesn’t make any sense at all. No matter if he evades criminal culpability for lack of prima facie evidence, they’ll take him to the cleaners in a civil case. He’ll essentially be working all his life paying off these women. Either way, DeShaun must not be allowed to get away without a full accounting of his purported crimes. They need to be fully investigated before he is allowed to play.

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