Tom Brady again expects to lead informal workouts

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After having surgery on his left knee six or so weeks ago, Tom Brady is not ready to throw yet. But when he is, the Bucs quarterback expects to lead his teammates in informal workouts away from the team facility again.

“Yeah,” Brady said at Bruce Arians’ Family Foundation gala, via Jenna Laine of ESPN. “We’ll just take it and see how we go and see how things play out over the course of the offseason. A lot of things come up and change over the course of the offseason, and we’ve got a lot of hardworking guys, so guys will be anxious to get together and get to work.

“As soon as I’m ready to throw, that will be really important for me. That’s always a big part of my preparation — actually doing what my job is.”

A year ago, when Brady joined the team, the Bucs ignored the recommendation of the NFLPA. They continued to have Brady-led offseason workouts at a local high school, even after the union advised against it due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bucs players announced in a statement last week that they will not participate in in-person voluntary work this offseason.

But the Bucs still plan to get in their work one way or the other. It remains to be seen whether Brady and other veterans will forgo work at the team facility or whether the Brady-led workouts will take place at some point after organized team activities end in June.