Urban Meyer: We’re going to keep an eye on Alex Smith

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Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer coached Alex Smith when the quarterback was at Utah and helped develop him into a player who went first overall in the draft.

Meyer is now embarking on his first season as an NFL head coach and he is going to have another first overall pick as the team’s top quarterback. During an appearance on Michael Irvin’s podcast, Meyer said that he wouldn’t mind having Smith on hand as a backup and mentor to Trevor Lawrence.

As of now, Smith has not made any announcement about continuing to play after returning to action last year for the first time since his serious 2018 leg injury. If he does make that call, it sounds like Meyer and General Manager Trent Baalke will be giving him a call.

“I wanted him here,” Meyer said, via USAToday.com. “You know, we talked to him about joining here. He’s had a tough injury. Of all the players I’ve ever coached, and I would tell people this when people didn’t know how tough he was, he’s one of the toughest cats I’ve ever been around. . . . We had conversations with him. There are some medical people in our organization that were very concerned. And remember, our G.M. actually drafted Alex at San Francisco. So you have two people in Jacksonville that love Alex. It was that was deeper than a player, now. He’s like our family. Both of us feel so strongly about them. But that’s something that we’re just going to keep an eye on because I hope he comes back.”

The Jaguars currently have Gardner Minshew, C.J. Beathard, and Jake Luton on the depth chart at quarterback.

8 responses to “Urban Meyer: We’re going to keep an eye on Alex Smith

  1. Love Alex. Actually he’s just like Mac Jones. Good processor, good accuracy inside the numbers, but his meekness and lack of vigilance or maverick to make plays outside of the way the play was diagrammied or how it was coached is what kept him from being elite – what Bill Walsh called “spontaneous genius”. He’s twice the athlete of Mac Jones and 100 times smarter which is puzzling why we traded 4 picks for the opportunity to draft Mac Jones when we could have just signed Alex Smith…..but I digress.

    Good luck with T Law Jags. I remember getting blasted for saying he could go straight to the pros after high school and the only ones that came to my defense was his high school teammates and parents of his high school teammates. CJ Beathard is solid, he just doesn’t make the crucial plays on 3rd down and in the redzome that it takes to win NFL games consistently, and Urban Meyer is a great program builder. Duval was one of the Buckeyes’ pipelines for recruiting DB’s….

  2. After his incredibly professional approach when the Chiefs drafted Mahomes, I think any of the teams drafting QBs could use a pro like Alex Smith in that room. I’d probably pay a little more than he’s worth just to have that professionalism showing a new kid the ropes.

  3. “As of now, Smith has not made any announcement about continuing to play after returning to action last year for the first time since his serious 2018 leg injury.”
    Well back in February there were multiple stories here and elsewhere that originated from Jeremy Fowler reporting Smith plans to play. I’m sure Smith/his agent has made that known in league circles without making an announcement so Smith can save face if no one is willing to sign him.

  4. Rookie HC breaks the first rule of fight club. You do not talk about fight club.

  5. Easy decision for the Jag’s sign him and let Lawrence sit for a while.He played pretty good last year for the WTF

  6. I think it’s a general consensus that everyone highly respects Alex Smith all around the NFL and especially its fans. But looking at that particular leg from the knee down…after all the flesh and muscle was removed due to infection,it wouldn’t take much to snap it like a dry twig. Every time Alex took a snap I would hold my breath hoping he wouldn’t get hurt. His starting days are clearly over, but Alex would be absolutely invaluable as a backup to a young QB.

  7. Those two made me a lot of money when they where at Utah. Couldn’t set the over in those games high enough. 80pts? No problem, Utah will score 70 themselves. My best year betting on NCAAF ever.

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