Which franchises would be in an eight-team NFL Super League?

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The talk of a Super League of soccer teams provided the impetus for Monday’s PFT Live draft: Which NFL teams would receive charter membership in an eight-team Super League?

We’ve given the Chiefs and the Buccaneers charter membership, given the current state of both teams. Simms and I picked the next six.

It wasn’t easy. Some quality franchises were omitted. Some of you may disagree with those omissions.

Chime in below with where we got it right and where we got it wrong. And even though an NFL Super League won’t happen, there’s one specific way that an NFL Super League could happen. I’ll discuss it later today or tonight in a separate post, unless I forget to do so which is entirely possible.

22 responses to “Which franchises would be in an eight-team NFL Super League?

  1. 49ers, Rams, Packers, Giants
    Ravens, Chiefs, Patriots, Steelers

    And I hate all those teams. No way I would watch. I am a Cardinals fan and I like the Jets too.

  2. Chiefs, colts, Steelers, ravens, packers, 49ers, Patriots, cowboys. Last two are begrudgingly.

  3. In what year? Just this year? Based off last year? Based off the last 20 years? The NFL has quite a bit of turnover in the playoffs each year. The Browns don’t suck for 1 year in its existence and they should be on the list?

  4. No matter way you spin it, The Browns are a huge draw and they are the real America’s Team

  5. Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburg Steelers, Baltimore Colts, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, Philly Eagles, NY Giants

  6. Four NFC teams would be Packers, Cowboys, Bears, Giants — you can also make an argument for Philly or San Francisco, but the others are more historically important.

    Four AFC would be Steelers, Raiders, Chiefs, and either the Browns or the Patriots.

  7. Chiefs, Ravens, Steelers, and Patriots.
    Packers, Eagles, Giants, Bears. Maybe the Seahawks.

  8. New Orleans Saints 2006-2020 = 150-90
    Tampa Bay Bucs 2006-2020 = 95-145

    Which one is a “Super Team”?

  9. Did anyone here see the patriots play last year? Newsflash, they don’t have Tom Brady any more and they stink. They are reorganizing and spending like crazy… because they have to. They are trying to make it happen with Belichick’s coat tails. He doesn’t play. The only think he throws are tablets.

  10. In no particular order:

    Kansas City.
    Tampa Bay.
    Green Bay.

    …. with relegation each season of the bottom team and strongest of the rest being promoted into the Super/Champions League.

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