Are 49ers on same page about No. 3 overall pick?

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Late last month, the 49ers made a huge move to the top of the draft, ultimately investing three first-round picks and a third-round pick in the player they’ll eventually select. It’s been believed that they made the move with one specific player in mind.

Since then, it’s been impossible to figure out which player they have in mind. Some are suggesting they still don’t.

We know it’s going to be a quarterback. Mike Tannenbaum, a former NFL General Manager who now serves as an ESPN analyst, said Tuesday that the 49ers have yet to reach a clear consensus on which quarterback to pick. Tannenbaum points to the fact that Shanahan and Lynch are traveling to see the three main candidates for the selection — Justin Fields, Mac Jones, and Trey Lance — during Pro Day workouts.

“What that says to me and what I am hearing around the league is they are not unanimous in who they want to pick, meaning [G.M.] John Lynch, [assistant G.M.] Adam Peters, and [coach] Kyle Shanahan,” Tannenbaum said on ESPN’s Get Up.

Of course, unanimity isn’t required. It ultimately will be Shanahan’s call, as a practical matter. And there’s no way Shanahan gave up so much to get to No. 3 without knowing who he wants.

Currently, Fields remains the -110 favorite at PointsBet, with Jones at +160 and Lance at +200. In nine days, we’ll know who it is.

25 responses to “Are 49ers on same page about No. 3 overall pick?

  1. Lynch probably wants Parsons. Remember when they took Solomon Thomas 3rd overall then Ruben Foster at 31 then Lynch admitted he almost took Foster at 3? Those former D players see things differently than other coaches and GM’s.

  2. It ultimately will be Shanahan’s call,

    This can’t be right. Falcon fan put me on blast the other day saying HC’s are never allowed to choose whom to draft over the wants of the owner and the GM?

  3. So they gave up 3 first rounders and a third rounder to move up to #3, not knowing who they’re going to draft. The owner, the GM and coach were all Ok with that move.

    Sure they did.

  4. This just in: “Jimmy Garapolo will start the season on IR after injuring himself taking out his garbage”

  5. I would think Lynch would have the final say. He is the GM and the guy who has the final say on Shannahan.

  6. Shanahan has the say people. Remember Shanahan was hired before John Lynch and Shanahan was extended before Lynch.

    The pick will be Jones and rightfully so.

    Nobody cares how fast or athletic a QB is if he can’t consistently win from the pocket. Reading defenses, anticipation, throwing his WRs open, reading the defense and using his arm to win instead of read one’s gone “oh no I better run now”

    Fields holds to ball to long and Lance needs time. The 9ERS are a team built to compete now and Jones is a turn key QB ready to play now

  7. It’s very surprising that they would give up so much without knowing exactly who they are taking. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised at a lack of consensus on the pick. The 3 qbs are all different and are being scouted with a lack of consensus.

  8. You don’t draft a QB based on the head coach. A good head coach should be able to properly utilize the skills of the players that he has. You don’t surrender 3 first round picks to move up and take the 5th ranked QB just because you think he fits the system the best. If you truly believe that Fields/Lance/Jones is a QB worthy of being drafted at that spot, you should take him. And if that coach can’t properly develop or utilize his skills, then you should find a head coach who can.

  9. I wonder if Lynch and Shanahan has watched Uncle Rico’s VHS tape yet. The Niners could take State!

  10. I simply can’t imagine a team trading up to the 3rd pick in the draft and then not knowing who they want. It’s no secret who the first two picks will be. So why trade for the 3rd pick? Way not the 4th thru the 10th pick? The ’49ers must feel the player they want would be gone. Are the ’49ers really sold on Jimmy Garapolo being the man under center that will lead them to the promised land? If not, then the ’49ers will draft a QB. If Jimmy G is the man, they will draft a different position. I am a fan of Parsons. I love a LB with speed who can make tackles sideline to sideline. That’s becoming a necessity in today’s NFL. Going back to the QB position, It was no secret the Panthers wanted to draft a QB. The rumor was Trey Lance. So that would make sense to move ahead of the Panthers. Even if it was Justin Fields it would make sense to move up to #3. Mac Jones was projected to be a late 1st or 2nd pick. The ’49ers didn’t have to move to #3 to get Jones. I love the fact that Lynch and Shannahan are not tipping their hand on who they want to draft with the 3rd pick. It keeps everybody guessing!

  11. or maybe they doing their due diligence before portentially wasting a pick they spent the farm on

  12. It’s Kyle’s call, he controls the 53.

    Nobody cares who Lynch thinks is a good QB.

  13. They really just gave up 2 first round picks, and as long as Jimmy G. and/or the new rookie is/are healthy to last the entire season, the picks they gave up will be late first round picks. They figure that there are so many good ones this time around that they really cannot miss no matter who they end up with. Since they have no control over who the Jaguars and Jets may pick before them, they cannot possibly make up their mind on who to pick. It is possible that Zach Wilson and/or Trevor Wilson will be available as the third pick, but Mac Jones and/or Justin Fields may not be. It is simply too early. They may have to make their decision on draft day.

  14. I one million percent guarantee it’s not going to be Jones. You wouldn’t have needed to trade to #3 to get him. Philly was clearly fine with moving from 6 to 12, you could have just moved to 6 to get him. The 49ers moved to 3 because they want a guy that another team would have been willing to move up to 3 to take. No one else in their right mind was taking Jones that high. It is going to be Fields or Lance, period.

  15. It really comes down to this.

    If you’re a lazy coach and you want a QB to come out of the draft fresh out the box and plug & play into your system, then you pick Mac Jones and get rolled out of the playoffs every January by another elite opposing QB.

    If the vision of your program is winning multiple super bowls then you draft Trey Lance or Justin Fields, build a system around that QB, and coach your butt off. Passing on elite QBs because they don’t fit your system is insane. An Elite QB is the most important piece. You do that with other players. The Elite QB defines the system – if you want to win championships…ssss(plural).

  16. Shanahan wrote down the name “… matter what” on a sticky note already.

  17. I read an article somewhere that theorized that Lynch and Shanahan traded up knowing that at pick #3 they would be able to draft one of their targeted QB’s out of the 5: Lawrence, Wilson, Fields, Lance and Jones. I suspect that they might be feigning interest in Jones, Fields and Lance to get the Jets to second guess Wilson. The straight forward pick would be Fields. The most risky pick would be Lance. The outrageous pick would be Jones. If they pick Jones, all hell will break loose. If he sits on the bench for a year, fans will be pissed for a long time because nobody will be able to see what the rookie can do if Jimmy stays healthy all year.

  18. I hope it Fields, would love to see the 49ers lose for the next 5 years trying to develop him

  19. Some coaches and GMs like to scout players they don’t want and ignore the one player they most desire just to mess with the heads of other coaches and GMs.

  20. “Falcon fan put me on blast the other day saying HC’s are never allowed to choose whom to draft over the wants of the owner and the GM?”

    The Falcons have a brand new coach who has never been a head coach before. The Niners have a guy whose been there for several years and has been to a Super Bowl. If you can’t see any difference that’s totally on you.

  21. Fields is a better version of Haskins. He’s put up stats in college on a dominant team, but like Haskins, he’s not NFL ready. Jones has played on a dominant team as well and he doesn’t move as well as Fields, but he’s NFL ready in the decision making department. Jones has better mechanics and has a better sense of what the defense is doing. If Shanahan wants mobility, Fields is the pick. If he wants someone ready to step in early in the season, it’s Jones.

  22. I find it hard to believe a billion dollar organization gave up that kind of draft capital and are just all shoulder shrug emoji about who they want to pick. They’re absolutely sure who they are picking. Roger is making them go to every pro day and has threatened them that if they leak who they’re taking he will get them for it. Can’t have the second biggest event on the calendar, the NFL draft be something where you know the top three or four picks already. What’s the point of watching the first hour?

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