Brandon Beane: Our RBs aren’t “home run hitters,” would consider one at No. 30

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The Bills have taken running backs in the third round of the last two drafts and they signed Matt Breida in free agency, but General Manager Brandon Beane isn’t taking the position off the table at the top of this year’s draft.

Beane was asked about using the No. 30 pick on a running back during a press conference on Tuesday. Beane said he’s not going into the draft with the thought that the team has “to find some back here in the top few rounds,” but that he’s open to one if they bring a different set of skills than Devin Singletary and Zack Moss.

“What does his skill set have in comparison to what we have on the roster?” Beane said, via Matt Parrino of “Is this player going to do something . . . I don’t think either one of our backs are home run hitters, so is there an elite trait that this guy has and says, ‘Man, he’s got something we don’t have.’ That’s probably the conversation, versus, ‘OK, are we going to take the same type of back as Devin, are we gonna take the same type of back as Zack? Because even those two guys have different skill sets.”

Travis Etienne averaged more than seven yards a carry and scored 78 touchdowns while at Clemson, which may make him the best fit as a home run threat if he’s around when the Bills make their first selection.

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  1. Etienne may be the homerun hitter but Harris is a true 3 down bruising back who if Buffalo went towards rb would be the likely choice. Bringing in a sledgehammer like Harris to a team where weather/snow could play a huge factor at the end of the season just seems to be the smarter choice if they went that way. Personally I doubt they go rb in round 1 and this is more likely an early negotiating ploy.

  2. Wow. Way to alienate every RB on your team there, Mr Bean. (“e” left off intentionally.)

  3. he’s 100% right they’re the best example of a good team that would be a lot better if they had an elite back. It’s unfortunate they haven’t hit with relatively high draft picks, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t keep swinging. or just get better at scouting them, the saints have rarely missed on rookie RB’s. 1st round pick or UFA the guys we pick are usually good.

  4. coloradocowboy says:
    April 20, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    Wow. Way to alienate every RB on your team there, Mr Bean.


    If not alienate it may motivate. Everyone isn’t as sensitive as Carson Wentz.

  5. Wow. Publicly slapping players from the GM seat, is not a good look.

    Brtiches getting very big up near the border.

  6. I certainly can understand what Beane is saying. The Bills have a pretty good team on the offensive side of the ball. But, the Bills do lack an elite RB. You need a RB that is capable of turning short runs into long runs. If that back is their with the 30th pick, and there is not some other position needing immediate attention, you take that RB. The idea is you want to improve your team.

  7. Matt Breida may not fit Beane’s definition of a “home run hitter,” but he’s fast. Having clocked a 4.38 40 coming out of Georgia Southern in 2917, Breida scored an 83-yard TD run vs. Cleveland in 2019 on which he reached a speed of 22.3 mph, according to NFL NextGen Stats. That made him the fastest ball-carrier on an individual play in the 2019 season.

  8. It’s not a RB league. It’s a QB league, and the Bills have a great one. They should just continue to build their defense. I’ve seen many great RB’s have careers that didn’t include a lot of playoff games, and I’ve seen mediocre RB’s on super bowl winning teams. The final four teams last year had arguably the top 4 QB’s. The top four RB’s are usually home watching the playoffs. Christian McCaffrey had one of the all time great seasons for a RB in 2019, and his team went 5-11. I don’t remember seeing much of Barry Sanders in the playoffs. The Bills have some pretty awesome pieces on their defense. If they add one or two more studs, they’ll be the best team in the league.

  9. Will they actually try to run the ball? No point drafting a RB you arent going to use.

  10. The Bills are picking in a spot in the first round where they should let the draft come to them and try not to get too cute. They way teams push for QB’s so early now, there will be some really good players at the bottom of the first round

  11. This is a smoke screen. He’s gonna move up and take the best Edge guy he can reach.

  12. Most NFL RBs can go the distance if you have an OL that can open up holes and the best NFL RBs can’t do anything if there are defenders in the backfield. Build a great OL and the rest of the offense will follow.

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