Bryce Love unclaimed on waivers

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No NFL team wanted running back Bryce Love.

Love, who was cut by Washington yesterday, went unclaimed through waivers today. That means all 31 other teams had the opportunity to pick Love up for a non-guaranteed salary of $780,000, and no one took him.

Realistically, that may mean NFL teams just don’t think Love is ever going to get healthy. He tore his ACL in the last game of his college career and hasn’t played a game of football since.

The 23-year-old Love was a first-team All-American at Stanford and the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy in 2017. Now he may be at the end of his career.

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  1. What a sad story. Love had a ton of talent, but the injury in his last college game seems to have been career ending. WFT kept him for two years hoping his knee would recover. It appears that hasn’t happened. At least he’s got a Stanford education to fall back on–that’s the silver lining.

  2. Stanford used Bryce Love all up. They ran the poor guy like he was a Derrick Henry sized running back…now at only 23 yrs. old,he’s only held together by glue and duct tape.

  3. Prayers to you Bryce Love! To BillzBub, he carried the ball about 20 times a game, max! Not Stanford’s fault, for sure!

  4. Sadly, he really was ran into the ground in college. As a junior he ran for 2,100 yards averaging over 20 carries a game and 8 yards a carry. He was amazing. By his senior year that fell to 4.5 per carry and he wasn’t looking like the same player even before his big injury.

  5. I would be surprised to see the ’49ers keep an eye on him Love and work him out if he is becomes healthy to show what he can do. Love was a great RB at Stanford.

  6. Sad. Even if a team needs an RB they will pick someone else who doesn’t have an ACL history.

  7. Well he got a bachelors degree in human biology from Stanford and aspirations to be a doctor. Good luck to him. Sometimes the timing falls into place.

  8. You’re not going to make the NFL without playing those “meaningless games for free”.

    Stanford education for “free” is not a bad consolation prize.

  9. I’m not counting this guy out. Washington doesn’t have a history of making good decisions. Just because they gave up on him, doesn’t mean a thing.

  10. Should’ve come out after his jr. year. Would’ve probably been a 1st round pick.

  11. He has more than a Stanford education, he also got a guaranteed 3.3M contract, which after taxes is about 2M in cash. He still has a lot going for him and could have an amazing life just not in the NFL.

  12. While Washington may not have the best record in injury analysis, they did call Jordan Reed correctly. They told him to retire when they cut him. Too many concussions. Now he is doing so, but he also admitted that he is still feeling affects of the last concussion. Also, Bryce Love was not run into the ground by Stanford. The highest amount of carries he had was 263 in 2017. Over 13 games that equals 20.23/carries per game. During his career at Stanford, Love averaged 11.6 carries per game.

  13. P.S. His GPA was 4.5. (That is about double mine. ;>) Medical school or anything else he wants to do is within his grasp. Best of luck to him.

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