Buccaneers re-sign Ryan Griffin

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
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The Buccaneers officially have a quarterback besides Tom Brady on their roster.

Tampa Bay announced Ryan Griffin has re-signed with the club on Tuesday morning. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Griffin has been with the Bucs since 2015, when the team claimed him off waivers from New Orleans. He was Tampa Bay’s third QB last season behind Brady and Blaine Gabbert, and was inactive for each regular season and postseason contest.

Griffin has appeared in just two games since entering the league as an undrafted free agent out of Tulane. He spent two years on the Saints’ practice squad before beginning his long tenure with the Buccaneers.

6 responses to “Buccaneers re-sign Ryan Griffin

  1. Wasn’t Griffin one of the people holding up “drunk-Tom-Brady” after the boat parade?

  2. Two years on the Saints practice squad and six years (with a seventh upcoming) with the Buccaneers, playing in two games over those eight years and declared “inactive” for all 19 Tampa Bay games in 2020. For all those years, he has put on his practice jersey — the red one, so he’s not hit — and led the Scout Team. Yet this year, he will earn at least $660,000, the NFL minimum, or about $12,000 a week. Wow. Nice work if you can get it. Question, though: Why did the team refuse to disclose the terms of Griffin’s deal when the terms of Brady’s, Godwin’s and Barrett’s contracts are trumpeted? Help me here, fellow posters.

  3. The Saints old Wide Receivers coach Curtis Johnson coming to Tulane ended up getting this guy an NFL career, he left college knowing the Saints offense before the scheme had been figured out by most coaches.

  4. Ryan Griffin knows the system, and every preseason Griffin puts on a passing show. I think it’s a good signing. Somebody has to back up Tom Brady just in case. However I believe the Bucs will draft a QB early in the draft and begin grooming him to be the eventual replacement for Brady when that times come.

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