Could Eagles move back into the top 10?

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles could join the Dolphins in continuing to hopscotch in and around the top 10 of the draft.

With news that the Dolphins, who have moved from No. 3 to No. 12 and then back to No. 6, could be potentially trading down again, the Eagles, who started at No. 6 then went to No. 12, could be looking to move up.

Albert Breer of, via NBC Sports Philadelphia, recently explained that the Eagles could make a “short move” into the top 10 after picking up a 2021 first-round pick for falling six spots as the second half of last month’s bang-bang trades that started with San Francisco’s stunning move from No. 12 to No. 3.

A move to No. 9 would allow the Eagles to leapfrog a pair of division rivals, the Giants (No. 11) and the Cowboys (No. 10).

Breer notes that the Eagles also could trade down from No. 12.

While that could be applied to most picks in round one — the team could trade up, trade down, or stay put — the fact that the Eagles already have worked the board suggests they could work it some more. Much of it depends on how the board falls, along with the potential cost of moving up and/or return of moving down.

12 responses to “Could Eagles move back into the top 10?

  1. All the movement before the draft is nice, but it’s the decisions made on draft day that matter. I mean did you get Trubisky at #2, or Mahomes at #10? Did you get Alex Smith at #1, or Aaron Rodgers at #24? That’s where you make the decisions that decide who wins Super Bowls.

  2. Reading this is just a reminder of how dismal the 2020 season was for that division. I expect the Cowboys and Giants to have much better seasons this year, while the Eagles and WTF vie for being the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL.

  3. The Eagles and Dolphins trade looked like this:

    Eagles gave No. 6 and No. 156 overall in 2021.

    Dolphins gave No. 12 overall, No. 123 overall in 2021 and a 2022 first-round pick.

    The 2022 first rounder makes that trade an outright win for the Eagles and both teams know it. The Eagles gained more pick value in the middle rounds *and* a first next year. They have the draft capital to move back up if they want to.

    The Dolphins, on the other hand, moved up to a spot that they no longer want.

    If they are now looking to trade down in the first, they should be trying to move up in the mid rounds or recoup the first rounder they squandered in the deal to the Eagles.

  4. Why pay up to move up based on speculation?
    I can see moving up to get a QB, but not based on speculation of who will be available at #9.
    So what if they leapfrog bad rivals?
    How does it help them?

  5. The Eagles need to stick to the plan, stay put and take the best player available.

    As a longtime Philly fan, I often think Howie has ADHD when I see how he manages a roster and a draft.

  6. loldeepball says:
    April 20, 2021 at 9:55 am
    The Eagles need to stick to the plan, stay put and take the best player available.

    As a longtime Philly fan, I often think Howie has ADHD when I see how he manages a roster and a draft.


    I feel ya.

    But really, the Eagles need to do what’s best.

    And if they moved back to 12 thinking they really liked the guy at the top of their board at 12 while moving up 30 spots in the middle rounds and gaining a 1 next year, but now they have intel suggesting that guy won’t be there at 12, then what are they supposed to do?

    “Stick to the plan” because loldeepball and therealtrenches are tired of the emotional roller coaster? Of course not.

    They’re supposed to keep making and taking phone calls.

    Maybe the move ahead of the Giants and the Cowboys turns out to be too rich for their blood. And maybe the intel they have about “their guy” is smoke; maybe they just want the greater range of options that a higher pick gives you. But at the very least, they have to try to figure out what their options for moving up — and for staying pat — look like, and then make the call.

  7. The Eagles are that guy at the craps table who gets ahead and should cash out, but instead recklessly throws back all his winnings and then hits the ATM about 3 more times trying to get back to even (unsuccessfully).

  8. This is typical Howie Roseman. Anything to stay in the headlines. Building a team is secondary to the publicity that Mad Trader Howie craves…

  9. I hope they move a player with 12 and not picks…
    Be nice to unload a declining Cox and his 20mil salary. He’ll be useless in the few years it’ll take to get back into contention.

  10. I liked the Eagles’ trade back to 12, and I’m generally in favor of accumulating picks instead of trading up. In this case, I can see a narrow reason trading up to #9 might be worth it. And that’s because the Giants are supposedly hot for DeVonta Smith, and the Cowboys for Surtain. Those to me should be the Eagles’ realistic targets, and I would hate to see them both snapped up just ahead of us.

    The wrench in the works is that #9 is held by Denver, and if one of the QBs slips a bit, they may be looking to move up a few spots themselves.

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