Hulu reaches deal to carry NFL Network, RedZone

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The NFL’s RedZone channel has proved to be a popular way for viewers to watch NFL games for more than a decade and it will be available on a new outlet in 2021.

The NFL announced that they have reached a deal with Hulu to carry RedZone and the NFL Network. The channels will be available to Hulu’s live television subscribers by August 1.

Exexutive vice president and COO of NFL Media Hans Schroeder said in a statement that the deal fits the league’s goal of “broadening the distribution platforms for NFL content.”

The move to  may also persuade some who have resisted dropping cable television to cut the cord as streaming can now provide access to local games as well as the offerings on ESPN, NFL Network, and RedZone.

11 responses to “Hulu reaches deal to carry NFL Network, RedZone

  1. This is huge news. Dealing with Direct TV has been a nightmare. And I already have Hulu so win/win.

  2. Wow, this is kinda awesome, I gotta say. I’m already a Hulu Live subscriber, I wonder if this will just be included in that or if this would end up being some kind of add-on?

  3. Redzone does not equal Sunday Ticket. You want to watch redzone possesions then Redzone is for you(and me). Want to watch an out of market game in total, Sunday Ticket is the choice(not for me) All in all anytime more platforms are available it’s a good thing.

  4. Sunday Ticket is the deciding factor to where millions decide to subscribe. I’m stuck with Direct TV until the Ticket moves.

  5. You Tube TV has Redzone as part of their sports package for an additional $10 a month. I can see Hulu doing something very similar to that. But $50 for 5 months of Redzone is not bad IMO. Plus you can drop it as soon as the regular season is over then sign back up the next year.

  6. I can see a fee increase coming.


    With Hulu that is a given regardless of services added. They love a good price increase.

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