Joe Burrow “very optimistic” about playing Week 1

Cincinnati Bengals v Washington Football Team
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Joe Burrow underwent reconstructive knee surgery Dec. 2, leaving only nine months before the 2021 season opener. It left doubt about whether he would miss the beginning of his second season.

The Bengals quarterback has no doubt.

“I’m very optimistic about where I’m at and also where the team is at,” Burrow told Cris Collinsworth on a 30-minute Pro Football Focus podcast. “Rehab is going very, very well and lifting is going very, very well. I’m in great shape. Legs feel good; knee feels good. There’s still a long way to go, but I’m expecting to be there on the first snap of 2021.

“I’m expecting to play Game 1. I expect to take part in practice. I’m feeling really good. I’m ahead of schedule.”

Burrow said he began dropping back and throwing more than a week ago. He also is simulating play-action passes to stationary equipment managers.

“I can’t roll out and throw yet,” Burrow said, but “it’s feeling good right now.”

Burrow, the No. 1 overall choice in 2020, threw for 2,688 yards with 13 touchdowns and five interceptions in 10 games as a rookie.

11 responses to “Joe Burrow “very optimistic” about playing Week 1

  1. Good qb. If the Bengals don’t get him some OL help, he won’t last 10 minutes on his rebuilt knee.

  2. This kid is the real deal. I’d wait until I’m 100% before I try to get on the field.

  3. I’m a Dolphins fan but that’s good news to hear. I wish him well in his continued recovery.

  4. I hope he does and plays even better than before.

    However, I saw that injury and it was nasty. I won’t be surprised if he’s never the same.

  5. I’m gonna keep banging this drum…get that man some more O-line help. “but there’s so many linemen in this draft, get Chase and pick up a starter in round 2.” Espn’s latest mock has 8 lineman going in the draft before the Bengals 2nd round pick. You want to protect your future with the 9th best option? “but Chase is a generational talent”. So was AJ Green, how many playoff games did they win with him? “but they already have 2 tackles”. They have Jonah Williams (unproven) and Reilly Reiff (proven to be average). They have Reiff for 2021 only. I hope to god they can see past 2021. Personally I’d take Sewell and still use the 2nd round pick on another lineman.

  6. This unfortunate and devastating injury will prevent him from developing into a good quarterback . He will be a younger version of Alex Smith.

  7. Wish him all the best. But they always say “I’m ahead of schedule” after an injury. He would not have been interviewed otherwise.

  8. If the Bengals were serious about turning the franchise around they would take another year to let the knee heal. Use this draft for O line and let them solidify. Next year use free agency and the draft to complete the roster. Or just wreck the one piece of the pie you have…

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