Jordan Reed retiring from NFL

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Tight end Jordan Reed made it back to the field with the 49ers last season, but he will not be playing in 2021.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Reed has decided to retire from the NFL.

Reed was a 2013 third-round pick by Washington who developed into a strong receiver early in his career. His effectiveness was mitigated by a career-long inability to stay healthy that culminated in missing the entire 2019 season due to concussions. Reed was able to return for the 49ers in 2020 and caught 26 passes for 231 yards and four touchdowns in 10 games.

Reed had 329 catches for 3,371 yards and 24 touchdowns while with Washington. He is No. 10 in franchise history in catches and 13th in receiving yards.


15 responses to “Jordan Reed retiring from NFL

  1. He should’ve retired in 2019. I can’t believe he was cleared to play last year.

  2. Smart move. Too many concussions for this guy. If he could have stayed healthy, he would have had a great career!

  3. Great dude and outstanding player, but his career was continuously marred by injury. Unfortunately this retirement is probably like, 10 concussions too late. I hope he can still have a wonderful life outside of football.

  4. With the severity and number of concussions he’s received, he’s looking at a good chance of neurological issues as he gets older. Wish him well.

  5. I was surprised to see Jordan return. But very glad he took the decision to retire. Health is wealth!

  6. Hard to believe he is top 10 in catches for the franchise! Top 20 in catches and yards, speaks volumes about the dearth of receivers in Washington.

  7. I watched Jordan during his career in Washington and was left amazed at some of the things he could do and bring to a football team. His burst, his hands, his route running, all incredible. This was the right move Jordan but I’m glad I was able to watch you leave. I know you still have a lot to give to the game of football. Enjoy retirement.

  8. I was disaapointed to see Ron Rivera give up on Thaddeus Moss and Bryce Love so quickly, given how young and promissing they are. But Jordan Reed is a reminder of why teams have to do better injury evaluations for the good of the team and the player.

    Washington held onto Reed year after year, injury after injury, even after missing all of 2019 which should have been the end, given his concussion history. But it wasn’t until they hired Rivera that we parted ways.

    So, even if a player picks up with another team, as Reed did, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do for either party. Teams need to make these tough decisions. I’m glad we have a staff in Washington now who’s not afraid to do it.

  9. Remember that scene in varsity blues where Billy Bob had the concussion counter? Yeah this guy played well beyond the time that hit zero.

  10. When healthy, Reed was one of the best TE’s in the NFL. Crazy quick feet that could separate like a WR. Way too many concussions for one player to ever have.

  11. Hard to believe he is top 10 in catches for the franchise! Top 20 in catches and yards, speaks volumes about the dearth of receivers in Washington.

    It’s not just Washington. 300-350 receptions will put you in the top 10 for the majority of franchises. Speaks to how short the peaks of most receivers’ careers are. The top guys will catch 100 passes in a single year but very few achieve that more than once or twice.

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