Mark Davis takes responsibility for Raiders tweet regarding George Floyd verdict

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In the aftermath of the verdict that found Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in connection with the murder of George Floyd, the Raiders have created an unexpected controversy via a heavily-criticized tweet.

I can breathe,” the team said from an account with 1.7 million followers.

That’s my tweet,” owner Mark Davis said, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “I don’t want anyone in the organization taking heat. I take full responsibility for that.

“I was driving home from a meeting when the verdict came in. Soon after, I was listening to George Floyd’s brother, Philonise, speak. And he said, ‘Today, we are able to breathe again.’ I took my lead from him. In my mind, that was all I needed to say, ‘I can breathe.'”

The tweet, pinned to the account as the first message seen on the team’s page, has not been deleted.

“I believe it has a lot of context,” Davis said. “[Chauvin] was on his neck for more than nine minutes and was found guilty on all counts. And now, his knee is fully off his neck. Unfortunately, it’s a little too late.”

Davis said he told team personnel to post the message on the franchise’s platforms.

“I think justice was served,” Davis said. “It’s rare I make statements about anything and if I thought it offended the [Floyd] family, I would feel very badly and apologize. Other than that, I’m not apologizing. I honesty believe after listening to Philonise, this is a day that we can all breathe. . . . I feel bad if what I wrote was misinterpreted. But I listened to what the family said and how it felt, not some talking heads. I hope people understand that.”

Some surely do. Many surely don’t. The simple reality of social media is that anyone and everyone who disagrees with anything and everything someone has to say has a platform for sounding off.

37 responses to “Mark Davis takes responsibility for Raiders tweet regarding George Floyd verdict

  1. Way to stand up to the meatheads, Mark. Real americans are happy justice was served.

  2. Some people love being offended. The only thing they love more is telling you they are offended. Social media exists for people to take offense to opinions they don’t like. Welcome to life on earth in 2021.

  3. I heard that same phrase too, and when I read this story what the Raiders posted, I didn’t understand why people were offended. The metaphor was clear to me, and just because others didn’t get it, doesn’t mean its tone deaf or inappropriate, it just means people didn’t get it. I’m happy to hear that Mark Davis isn’t apologizing or taking it down, because he shouldn’t. He believes in the message so he shouldn’t act like he did something wrong because he didn’t. People/companies are too quick to yank things that people misinterpret or misunderstand.

  4. I will start this commment by stating that I’m African American.

    The only reason Mark Davis’ statement is considered controversial is because he’s white. And there are some people who feel that only a black person can say this. I call nonsense on that!

    Mark Davis is a human being, an American and someone who leads man who hires and works with people of all races, just as his dad did. Who’s the first family to have a Hispanic run his team and win superbowks, one of the first to hire black head coaches and go out of their way to draft black players at prominient positions when it wasn’t popular.

    Mark Davis represents this country and all of us and I’m proud to count him among us all who demand racial justice!

  5. Those of us with a brain knew what you were talking about, Mark. Let the haters hate! most of the hate comes from fans of teams with less than 3 super bowl trophies

  6. Him saying if the Floyd family was upset he’d be sorry, everyone else can get over it, is pretty great. I hate the raiders, but I admire Davis standing up for what he believes and not apologizing if someone else misinterpreted it.

  7. I don’t have a problem with the tweet, and I’ve gained quite a bit of respect for Mark Davis for his honesty and coming forward right away and not hiding behind institutional anonymity. Good for him, and I’m glad they left it up there.

    I understand that people are very sensitive about this subject, but Davis was just expressing himself in support of the verdict.

    But this is why social media does more harm than good in our society. Someone posts three words and people can decide to react to it however they want, and they can and will project their own interpretation onto those three words.

    And that’s the nature of the beast, and that’s why it’s entirely unnecessary for everyone in the world to constantly let everyone else know every thought and feeling they have.

  8. I 100% support Mark Davis. His message was probably very well received by the Floyd family and friends, and that’s who was in Davis’ thoughts. The Davis family has always taken the lead when it comes to civil rights. I’m talking about action, not words. The Davis family was hiring black coaches before the Rooney Rule. Some of us out here, myself included, like to play Monday morning QB, but we do it seven days a week. By Davis refusing to apologize, I guess he’s sending guys like you and me a message. He ain’t letting the tail wag the dog. Maybe we should look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we’ve done more than Mark Davis when it comes to inequality.

  9. As I have said many times, some people are looking to be offended and will find it whenever they can. Mark Davis meant no ill will towards anyone. The Raiders have been one of the progressive, forward operating franchises in their hiring practices over the years. Head coaches Art Shell, Tom Flores, and Amy Trask in the front office were ahead of their time.

  10. Davis does a lot of stupid things…his haircut is actually one of the more sensible examples..

  11. These days, the best policy seems to be never say anything about anything, at least in writing on social media.

  12. You can’t even say things in a positive light without being ridiculed for it anymore. It’s ridiculous that he needed to justify that comment with a whole spiel about what he meant by it.

  13. His intention was good, even though he said it in a dumb way. People online should try to understand the intention rather than looking to get offended.

  14. I understood the meaning of the tweet the first time I saw it yesterday because I had seen the same speech by George Floyd’s brother. Some people have too much time on their hands to come up with reasons to find fault.

  15. Some people are that thin skinned anymore I’m surprised you can’t actually see their internal organs.

  16. His father did more for black football players, equality in hiring minorities, Amy Trask, Tom Flores and Art Shell, then all the NFL teams combined. Well done Mark

  17. “Some people love being offended. The only thing they love more is telling you they are offended. Social media exists for people to take offense to opinions they don’t like. Welcome to life on earth in 2021.”

    And it’s a perpetual motion machine where one person’s offense is offensive to somebody else right down the line until everybody is offended and not even sure who offended them any more. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so irritating and destructive to society.

  18. The good thing about social media is that everyone has a voice. The bad thing about social media is that everyone has a voice.

  19. It seems as if there is an entire marching band in social media just dying for a chance to be offended. Mark Davis stood up to them. Total respect sir.

  20. People that were offended probably didn’t understand the context. Those of you losing their minds at people being offended are no better…..relax. Mark could have explained better. Happy to see that he gave more context. Some awful people might post that “mocking” Floyd.

  21. Nothing offensive about it except he ripped off the statement from the victim’s family and then had to back pedal on it. Bad look.

  22. I am not a big fan of the Davis clan – but there was absolutely nothing wrong or disrepectful of his tweet. I feel the same way – I believe that Floyd’s family feels the same way. We can all breathe because after all the other times cases which are quite obvious do not serve justice occur – at least we can let out a deep breath because it was in this case.

  23. I’m a African American man and this doesn’t bother me at all. I myself, family and friends all said we felt like we could breathe. I think people all over the country breathed a sighe of relief.

  24. Floyd’s brother just issued a statement thanking the Raiders for their support.

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