Stephen Jones: Kyle Pitts is a unique player who doesn’t come around every year

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A report earlier this month indicated Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is “infatuated” with Florida tight end Kyle Pitts. Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones acknowledged his father’s interest in Pitts in an interview with 105.3 The Fan this week.

“I think he’s certainly giving his view on what a unique football player Kyle Pitts is,” Stephen Jones said. “He’s a unique matchup player and certainly if you look at the Chiefs and the 49ers and the way New England has utilized them over the years, these mismatched tight end players can certainly make a difference in offensive football. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who knows football personnel in the NFL, coaches, that can’t see the vision for what problems a player like Kyle Pitts could present. I think he’s a unique player that doesn’t come around every year. Certainly Jerry was just acknowledging that.”

The Cowboys, who had a Pro Bowl tight end in Jason Witten for 16 seasons, have Blake Jarwin returning from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and Dalton Schultz coming off a career season. Neither one of them is Pitts, but the Cowboys have bigger needs.

While their offense has too few footballs for playmakers CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard as it is, their defense gave up the most points in team history last season.

Jerry Jones had an infatuation with Johnny Manziel in 2014 but was talked into drafting offensive guard Zack Martin. If Pitts is on the board when the Cowboys draft 10th overall — which is unlikely — would someone talk Jones out of taking Pitts?

8 responses to “Stephen Jones: Kyle Pitts is a unique player who doesn’t come around every year

  1. I can see someone moving up to take Pitts. I would be a little shocked to see the Cowboys do it. He seems to be a rare combination of extreme talent along with work ethic and no baggage…a coach’s dream.

  2. If Jones is smart he’d trade Cooper (if he can get a decent return) and draft Pitts. I don’t like the Cowboys so I wouldn’t want it to happen.

    This way he can save money, draft a premier TE and still draft defense.

    Not sure Jones is smart though.

  3. If he’s on the Board at 10, then the Cowboys either take him or trade the pick. You’re not going to pick a perceived ‘generational’ player? I mean, that’s BPA screaming at you at the top of his lungs and you pass because of a need? The Cowboys could never say they do the BPA again (which teams don’t do, just tell us they do).

    That 10th pick becomes an extra first rounder plus, depending on how far back the trading team is. Zero chance of him getting past the Cowboys or a trade to the Cowboys.

  4. The Giants would give up #11 and this years #2 (possibly more) to move up one spot. Therein lies an interesting question that we know the answer to.

    Would Jones trade a possible generational player the Cowboys don’t need (to the Giants, no less) , for 2 top 45 players which you can turn into 4 top 60 players? The cowboys could easily end up with 4 2nd round picks if Pitts is on the board at 10.

    The Bird says “No”

  5. another “generational” player – heard it before – Reggie Bush, Clowney etc — they should wait until they play the game for a few years on the pro level before anyone assigns this title

  6. Draft for need or draft the best available player? What happens when the owner doesn’t fully understand the former and is clueless about which player is the later? Welcome to Jerry world.

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