Video will be pivotal in Aldon Smith case

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Last week, we saw the value of video when it came to the allegations regarding Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald. As to the new situation involving Seahawks defensive end Aldon Smith, video once again will be critical.

Video could show that Smith never touched the man who instigated battery charges against him in Louisiana. Video could support the notion that Smith and other family members went to talk to the husband of Smith’s pregnant sister after an alleged altercation between the two.

Smith will contend, we’re told, that he didn’t touch the man. If the video can indeed back up that up, this situation could be resolved quickly, just as the Donald situation was.

For Smith, his history works against him. Donald’s reputation was, and still is, pristine. Smith has had arrests and suspensions and challenges throughout much of his career.

Here’s hoping that, whatever the facts may be, the video allows the authorities to make a good decision as to what did and didn’t happen.

4 responses to “Video will be pivotal in Aldon Smith case

  1. This could’ve of been easily avoided at this particular coffee shop…Aldon made it quite clear he doesn’t like powdered sugar on his coffee cakes.

  2. Smith was shaping up to be a real good redemption story, of a young man that had a lot of talent but needed time to mature. If the video does in fact show that he didn’t touch the man then he should file a libel lawsuit against him, if for nothing else to continue to rehad his reputation.

    If on the other hand the video shows Smith as the aggressor, well this would be at least strike three for him and the NFL should come down hard. Hopefully that isn’t the case but the evidence will dictate.

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