2021 pre-draft process generates limited Wonderlic scores

Students Take National Merit Scholarship Test
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Everything is different this year when it comes to the preparations for the draft. One specific hallmark of the pre-draft experience isn’t being used as thoroughly as in the past.

As one source with knowledge of the process explained it to PFT, only players who went to the scaled-down medical Scouting Combine took the Wonderlic test.

That wasn’t nearly as many players as would usually take it during the full-blown Scouting Combine.

This year, the results may have been even more unreliable than usual, given that agents may not have known to do anything to prepare their clients for the 50-question intelligence test. There’s an argument to be made that the Wonderlic results are never reliable. Nevertheless, the league has implemented the test for years, so the league will keep implementing the test. Year after year, player after player.

With fewer scores obtained, there will be fewer opportunities for #sources to smear kids who got bad scores by leaking them to reporters. After years of publishing the numbers, we decided roughly a decade ago to stop posting Wonderlic scores, given the many flaws in the testing process and the questionable relevance of the scores.