Brett Favre thinks Derek Chauvin didn’t intend to kill George Floyd

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Brett Favre doesn’t want politics with his sports. Except when he does.

The man who has a platform because of sports uses that platform when he wants (and he has the right to do that) to address non-sports issues. In the latest episode of his podcast with former FOX News personality Eric Bolling (who apparently has something in common with Favre beyond the podcast), Favre had some things to say about the jury verdict that found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murdering George Floyd.

“I find it hard to believe, and I’m not defending Derek Chauvin in any way, I find it hard to believe, first of all, that he intentionally meant to kill George Floyd,” Favre said in his opening remarks on the verdict in the latest episode of the podcast, via USA Today. “That being said, his actions were uncalled for. I don’t care what color the person is on the street. I don’t know what led to that video that we saw where his knee is on his neck, but the man had thrown in the towel. And it was just uncalled for. . . . Fair or not, you know, he deserved something. What I don’t know. But he was absolutely wrong.”

Favre is being widely criticized for his comments. And at the risk of defending Favre, he may have meant that Chauvin didn’t commit premeditated murder. (Chauvin wasn’t prosecuted for premeditated murder.) At some point during the act of kneeling on Floyd’s neck, however, Chauvin surely knew that he could or would end the man’s life. But Chauvin nonchalantly continued to bury his knee into George Floyd’s neck. So even if there wasn’t premeditation to kill, at some point Chauvin was aware of the likely consequences of not getting off George Floyd’s neck.

Favre has the right to say what he wants. In response to the things he says, others have the right to react with their own views. Some may agree with him, some may disagree. But if Favre is going to keep sharing his opinions publicly, he needs to be ready for potential blowback — just like anyone else who regularly shares opinions publicly.

37 responses to “Brett Favre thinks Derek Chauvin didn’t intend to kill George Floyd

  1. Why doesn’t Favre just keep his opinions to himself – just like he wants everyone else to do with their opinions

  2. Best not to speculate. Chauvin chose not to testify, which would have been quite interesting

  3. Okay, to be clear, we’re being “told” that Favre is wrong… So we can have our own opinions, but we’ll be told they’re wrong, by the media.

  4. Twitter is full of children and trolls. He shouldn’t be concerned with what they think.

  5. I don’t think he intended to kill him either. Hence, the manslaughter and 2nd degree Unintentional homicide convictions.

    Intent would have meant 1st degree murder.

  6. Favre is 100% correct…Chauvin used extremely poor judgement in his tactics & contributed to a criminal’s death, which resulted in Chauvin becoming a criminal himself & deservedly so.

  7. Its something we wont ever know for sure, I mean exactly what went on in his head at each moment. But the facts are there to demonstrate he didnt care for the man life and at some point decided to just keep going. Its murder.

  8. He wasn’t prosecuted for what he did or didn’t mean to do. I think if most people had to guess, we would guess he didn’t mean to kill him, but who knows. But he did kill George Floyd. You don’t just get to go “oops.”

  9. Just like the rest of use Favre is entitled to his opinion, just like the rest of us his opinion is just that, his opinion

  10. Well, it probably is unlikely that Chauvin INTENDED to kill George Floyd. Which, of course, is why he wasn’t charged with first degree murder. But he killed him nonetheless which is why he was found guilty on what he was charged with.

  11. The best you can say is that Chauvin was indifferent to whether Floyd died or not. He was told by a fellow cop that he needed to check Floyd’s pulse. Chauvin ignored it. He was told by the crowd that the man was dying. Chauvin ignored it. Did he intend to kill Floyd?–his actions say yes he did. But we’ll never know the answer to that beyond a reasonable doubt. Favre, though, is a hypocrite for publicly opining on this while complaining about politics in sports.

  12. To you people losing your minds over this… I would argue the prosecution and the jury agree with Favre, hence the conviction for •unintentional* homicide. You could say that Favre is just stating the obvious here.

  13. If you read the statues of which he was charged, Brett, you would realize his intent was never a factor in whether or not he was guilty.

  14. Favre may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but he’s right on this. There’s no way that Chauvin, aware that he’s being filmed, just decides to intentionally kill Floyd. Chauvin was careless, negligent, and uncaring, but to think that he intentionally murdered the man is just ignorant.

  15. Chauvin showed a callous disregard for Floyd’s life and was rightfully convicted, but I can’t believe he intentionally killed Floyd with the cameras rolling. You can certainly admit that without compromising your position.

  16. Can we at least agree that Chauvin is evil…and that Favre is not a man known for his intellect? Just trying to find common ground here, folks.

  17. I don’t think Fabre is out of line here. I don’t think the murder was intentional either. I think it was poor judgement and in that line of work you can’t have poor judgment.

  18. When you keep your knee on a man’s neck for a full three minutes after his last breath you lose the benefit of the doubt. The audacity he demonstrated leering at the camera and at concerned onlookers while this man expired beneath his knee demonstrated intent to murder, in my opinion. Whether this is provable in a court of law is another story

  19. I REALLY wish that they could just play football, and keep the comments on politics, and social issues to themselves, and out of the media.
    That said, this tragedy was anything but premeditated. Excessive…yes, Ignorant…yes.
    Between the cop who mistakenly grabbed a handgun, thinking it was a taser, and this man, it sounds to me like cops in Minneapolis need a plethora of remedial training.

  20. I’m sorry officer, I didn’t mean to speed.

    Even if Chauvin didn’t intend to kill George Floyd, he did. Intent doesn’t mean you’re not guilty.

  21. George Floyd said “I can’t breathe” at least 28 times. Do you think Chauvin may have had an inkling that a human being will die if he can’t breathe? Plus, he was warned by his colleagues to ease up. I think it’s beyond a reasonable doubt that he knew he was killing Floyd. He’s a trained officer….or an idiot.

  22. Brett do you understand intent was no part of the charges filed or that he was convicted of? As others here have eloquently put, he showed disregard for life, indifference, and did so while kneeling on the mans neck. One of the few times I think that what was in his mind doesn’t matter, his actions told the story and the result we all witnessed. I thought it was a just conviction. But people be prepared for him not to be sentenced to the extreme end of the range that is not a given by any means.

  23. I don’t know Brett Favre, never met him nor had an extensive conversation with him. I haven’t administered an IQ test to him either so I’m not qualified to determine if Brett is a “tool” or dumb as posters here have labeled him. I do know Brett Favre is entitled to his opinion and the right to voice it and, being a celebrity of sorts, his opinions are published for all to see. Thank you to you medical doctors and psychiatrists who have told me “Favre may not be the sharpest tool in the shed”, he’s a “tool”, and “He’s had thousands of concussions, cut him some slack” because I would’ve never known how dumb and stupid Brett the millionaire is.

  24. All of a sudden this guy has an opinion about everything. Must really miss the limelight.

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