Despite settlement, Antonio Brown civil sexual assault suit remains under NFL review

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The resolution of a civil sexual assault and rape lawsuit against free-agent receiver Antonio Brown doesn’t automatically resolve his lingering issues with the NFL.

Asked what Brown settlement of the lawsuit brought in September 2019 by Britney Taylor means for the still-pending Personal Conduct Policy investigation, a league spokesperson told PFT, “The matter remains under review.”

The league investigated the situation but imposed no discipline when otherwise suspending Brown eight games last year for other misconduct, including a no-contest plea to felony charges arising from an altercation with the driver of a moving truck. As a practical matter, however, the settlement means that Taylor won’t provide any further information to the league. The fact that there will be no deposition testimony or trial testimony also means that whatever the league already has learned won’t be supplemented — unless the league chooses to grill Brown again (assuming he’s already been questioned).

As we explained it at the time, the league quite possibly left the investigation open in order to account for the possibility that Brown would testify in a way that may him look culpable and/or eventually lose at trial. If the league had closed the case before a jury decided the case against Brown, the league would have looked bad.

Now that the case is over, the Personal Conduct Policy investigation can eventually end. In time, it quite possibly will.

10 responses to “Despite settlement, Antonio Brown civil sexual assault suit remains under NFL review

  1. I don’t get this dude, hes stiffing poor working class people a couple thousand bucks and ends up suspended and has lost millions of potential dollars so far.

  2. Let’s see.

    Bad guy Antonio Brown has 1 accuser.

    Good guy deshaun Watson has 22 accusers.

    Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  3. If he re-signs with the Bucs, you know Brady will protect him. Brady owns the NFL.

  4. Whoa, hold on. AB has always been a model citizen. Always. Without fail. Hard-working, eminently reliable, and committed to his team. Just ask Jon Gruden.

  5. Settling out of court is a virtual admission of guilt. The NFL is still going to discipline him even if he is not found liable by a jury or judge.

  6. Settling out of court is absolutely NOT a virtual admission of anything. By no means am I defending AB, but settling is often far less expensive than paying attorney’s fees for the next couple of years and not knowing the outcome of your case. Trust me, I have practiced law over 30 years. You?

  7. AB’s lucky he got to play last year. TO was called Team Obliterator and AB should get that nickname as well the way he acted in locker rooms. I wont even mention his off the field drama which is well documented too.

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong but AB is far from the first NFL guy to rough somebody up and pay off an accuser. But he’s the first I’ve seen to be nearly universally vilified for it. He’s trying to get it together. Give him a break.

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