Howie Roseman: We’re constantly striving to draft better

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The Eagles won the franchise’s first Super Bowl title to end the 2017 season. Things have unraveled since, with the team bottoming out with a 4-11-1 campaign in 2020.

Although it cost coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz their jobs in Philadelphia, General Manager Howie Roseman remains.

The Eagles are where they are, in rebuild mode and still trying to figure out if they have a franchise quarterback, because of draft mistakes the past five seasons. With 11 choices next week, the Eagles need to have a successful draft to turn things around sooner than later.

“It hasn’t always been perfect — the draft is an inexact science,” Roseman said Wednesday, via Mike Kaye of “When you look at hit rates throughout the draft, where you’re picking — whether it’s in the first round or going down less — and you’re looking at the rest of the league, it’s an inexact science. We’re constantly striving to do better.”

The Eagles already traded back in the first round, dropping from six to 12, but the team now owns four choices in the first two rounds of the 2022 draft. They could end up with three first-round choices in 2022 if Wentz plays 75 percent of the Colts’ snaps or 70 percent and the Colts make the playoffs.

But the Eagles have to do better than in recent drafts or all those picks won’t matter.

“This process, this year — with the coaches, with the scouts — has really allowed us to sit down and talk about a lot of these things and figure out the best way to utilize the 11 picks in this draft,” Roseman said. “Obviously, even looking forward to next year, and already having four picks in the first two rounds. That’s exciting, and we’re really excited about the opportunity to add to this football team next week.”

8 responses to “Howie Roseman: We’re constantly striving to draft better

  1. So now they are useing rock , paper , sissors to choose who to pick. What a bunch of morons.

  2. jasons81 says:
    April 21, 2021 at 7:55 pm
    It would be nearly impossible to draft worse

    But we’re talking the Eagles here. Until Howie is gone, anything is possible.

  3. I really hate to say the drafts could have been better, but they could have been better. That is not to say that the players are bad, or trash or anything other than what they are… the product of te organization. Yes, the Eagles really haven’t “hit” on CB’s, or WR’s in the way other teams have in similar draft positions.
    But some of the leagues better players over the past couple decades have been drafted by the birds, remember Brian Westbrook? Lito Shepherd, Sheldon Brown, Brandon Graham, Brent Celek, Zack Ertz, Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson, (Yes, even) Donovan McNabb, (Yes, even) Carson Wentz, Desean Jackson and Lesean Mccoy? But think of the number of draft picks it has taken to get those players over the years … maybe 191 over the years…since 1998…. 12 out 192- what’s that average? Just thinking … if you pick players because of their 40 times or shuttle times- you might want to consider the metrics on your ‘draft team and scouts’

  4. The Eagles were in prime position at 6 to get a sure thing. Something even Howie supposedly couldn’t mess up and then he traded down 6 spots for presumably a late 1st round pick next year and now we Eagles fans should be very nervous because 12 spot is no sure thing like the 6 spot was. I have a very bad feeling about this draft where I was nothing but positive before the trade.

  5. joeb says:
    April 22, 2021 at 2:52 pm
    Howie and the Eagles should invest in a dart board.
    I’m sorry, but that was funny!

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