Joe Burrow: Zac Taylor is going to be great for us for a long time


When the Bengals announced Zac Taylor would return for a third season back in January, quarterback Joe Burrow said at the time he was excited about the decision.

Burrow had foraged a solid relationship with Taylor as a rookie, and noted he thought the team was in position to make a significant step forward in 2021.

During an appearance with Cris Collinsworth on a Pro Football Focus podcast, Burrow reiterated his positive feelings about Taylor and their partnership.

“Zac’s unbelievable. He’s going to be great for us for a long time,” Burrow said. “Me and him have a special relationship and there was chemistry from the very first meeting that we had at the combine. So this is a dream for me, to be quarterback of the Bengals. I mean, it’s crazy. [I’m] from Ohio. It’s a lot of fun. We have great players, great coaches. And I think the future is bright.”

Burrow went on to say that part of what makes Taylor special is the way he fosters cooperation between the coaches and players.

“You know, a lot of coaches have big egos, and there’s none of that,” Burrow said. “A lot of guys are, ‘This is my system. Don’t make any checks, this is the way we’re going to run it.’ And it’s really a collaboration within the offense between Zac, our offensive coordinator Brian [Callahan], and ‘Pitch’ [Dan Pitcher] our quarterbacks coach — it’s really a true collaboration. And there’s no ego in the entire building. It’s a great working environment. And then the we have a great leader in Zac who puts is in the right positions to make plays.”

Taylor clearly has Burrow’s support as a leader and coach. But given that Cincinnati made a statement about retaining Taylor after the end of last season, the coach likely has to start producing results in 2021. The Bengals are 6-25-1 since Taylor took over in 2019.

4 responses to “Joe Burrow: Zac Taylor is going to be great for us for a long time

  1. The Bengals have had leads in 24 of their last 32 games. ZT seems to be a guy the players like, and he sold the organization on him, despite having a very limited and frankly mediocre background.

    The HC gets the loss, but the Bengals DC is brutal. ZT’s biggest fault as the Bengals HC is failing to axe Anarumo. Fortunately, Turner was relieved of his duty after last season, but it shouldn’t take three years of blown leads before Anarumo is out in Cincinnati.

  2. When Zac Taylor was hired they interviewed Jack Del Rio for DC. They said it just wasn’t a “fit”. My guess is that it was either a money thing or Taylor wasn’t keen on having a ready made HC replacement on his staff. So they offered the job to a few other guys and no one wanted it until they finally found Lou Anarumo who realized he was way underqualified and jumped all over the nice pay raise. He’s been terrible and I hope if the offense can make a step forward this year they’ll see that Anarumo has to go. I’d also love to see Zac Taylor have less hands on the offense.

  3. Year three for Taylor so gonna have to show some improvement this year. At least getting close to .500 to avoid the hot seat

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