Justin Fields told NFL teams he is managing epilepsy

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Quarterback Justin Fields has shared some medical information with teams ahead of next week’s draft.

NFL Media reports that Fields has informed teams that he is managing epilepsy. The neurological condition can cause seizures and is usually treated with medication, although different cases can call for different medical approaches.

Per the report, Fields has not been affected by the condition on the football field and that his symptoms have been less frequent in recent years. Other members of Fields’ family have outgrown the condition in their 20s and doctors believe that could be the case for Fields as well.

Those are promising signs for Fields’ future health, but teams are still likely to have a few questions to throw his way before deciding about using a high draft pick on the quarterback.

26 responses to “Justin Fields told NFL teams he is managing epilepsy

  1. Trey Lance at 3? Wishing Fields well, I didn’t even know you could “grow out” of Epilepsy. Another crazy twist in an odd draft process this year.

  2. Justin just wanted to make sure the Jets don’t have any thought of drafting him.

  3. I hope he’s got it under control. Also, that’s one way of lasting till 15 so you can play for the Pats.

  4. All the best to him, but I have to imagine some teams are taking him off their board. Epilepsy is nothing to screw around with, and I can’t imagine how concussions can affect it is well known.

  5. The question is who is violating hippa laws by releasing confidential medical information to the press? Come on man

  6. Sorry didn’t read that he informed them. Ya that’s late in the game. Very interesting scenario now.

  7. This information can’t be new to the teams. The rest of us, sure. I’m not sure if he drops on the team’s boards, but it can’t help.

  8. Allan Faneca suffered from epilepsy, but controlled it with medication and had a HOF career. I don’t care what position the Pats get him as long as they get him. Kid will be a stud.

  9. Hopes he falls to #24 – Would love to see Fields in the black n gold! Justin Fields is a stud and in a perfect world he would be the #2 QB off the board.

  10. Shouldn’t he have told teams this a long time ago instead of a week before the draft ? Just not informing teams until now has to hurt his stock.

  11. If he’s got it under control, he can still have a long, productive NFL career without any issue.

    Ronde Barber, Samari Rolle, and Alan Faneca all have it. Each played 10+ years and were named Pro-Bowlers and All-Pro one or more times.

  12. redskinstexan says:
    April 21, 2021 at 6:28 pm
    All these mock drafts had him going top ten and now what???

    He goes top ten. Likely top five.

  13. Epilepsy is a big deal in the sense that it’s scary, but it affects maybe a few hours of your year if you have it under control. My buddy has had some crazy scary seizures around me and yeah the rest of his day is pretty shot after that, but the next day it’s right back to normal. Medication has made them almost never happen, pot is a huge help too.

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