Mac Jones once again becomes the betting favorite to go No. 3 overall

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The pendulum keeps swinging regarding the third overall pick.

Via PointsBet, Alabama quarterback Mac Jones is once again the favorite, at -150. Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields has -105 odds. North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance has +325 odds.

Last week, Fields became the favorite at -125. Jones had moved to +100, with Lance at +450.

On March 29, Lance was the favorite at +130. Fields had odds of +150, and Jones stood at +160. By April 8, Jones had moved to the -200 favorite, with Fields at +250 and Lance at +300.

Despite a suggestion that the 49ers made the move without knowing which player they’d take, it’s more likely that the investment used to jump from No. 12 to No. 3 with a specific player in mind. Currently, the favorite is once again Mac Jones.

38 responses to “Mac Jones once again becomes the betting favorite to go No. 3 overall

  1. That just shows where people have been placing bets, not who Vegas thinks the 49ers will take.

  2. They could have stayed where they were and still gotten him. Craziest trade up in draft history.

  3. I would be scared to death to take ANY Alabama QB that high! Alabama has not had a successful NFL QB since Ken Stabler, unless you consider Richard Todd. Their QB always seems to be a function of the players around him. Not of his own doings. That being said I hope that whoever drafts him has a long term, guaranteed contract.

  4. I refuse to believe Shanahan is using three first round picks total for a cheaper, healthier Jimmy G. I still think it will be Lance.

  5. This probably means nothing, but I thought it was interesting that the Niners traded up after Trey Lance’s 1st Pro Day – and before any of the other guys had theirs. There’s also been the very little linking the two parties which is usually how Lynch and Shanahan like to play these things.

  6. Jerry MacDaid says:
    April 21, 2021 at 8:22 pm
    Fields health issues probably influenced betting
    Ya think?

  7. Reminds me of that Cam Newton v. Blaine Gabbert debate years ago. The 49ers can take Mac Jones if they want. His ceiling is very much Blaine Gabbert-esque. You can’t coach up athleticism…which Newton and Fields both have.

  8. I think it really suck to create odds on who the ’49ers take with the #3 pick! Somebody has too much times on their hands. I love all the guessing about who the pick will be, buy you can keep the betting odds. I could care less!!!

  9. I can’t understand how anyone would put their faith in an Alabama qb at this point. They play with about 15-20 future first rounders on the roster, better receivers than 25 of the 32 teams in the NFL, a stacked offensive line, stud rbs and a defense that makes anybody on the other side of the ball look great. They consistently produce heisman candidate qbs who can barely compete for the backup role in the big leagues

  10. cnuterockne says:
    April 21, 2021 at 8:51 pm
    Reminds me of that Cam Newton v. Blaine Gabbert debate years ago. The 49ers can take Mac Jones if they want. His ceiling is very much Blaine Gabbert-esque. You can’t coach up athleticism…which Newton and Fields both have.
    You can’t coach up brains, which Mac Jones and Tom Brady both have.

  11. About 98% of NFL teams get the QB position wrong when drafting QB prospects. Drafting Mac Jones #3 will increase that percentage.Even Chris Simms said that he wouldn’t draft Mac Jones #3 overall. There will be documentaries and 30/30 episodes about this draft mistake.

  12. Field has health issues, Jones not good enough for #3 pick. What the heck are the 9ers doing?

  13. Seems like alot to trade up for an Alabama qb. Still a smarter pick than Lance. Since they already have a guy, i would probably take the wild card shot at Fields who could be the best qb in this class. If it doesnt work out you still have jimmy g who has proven he can hand the ball off and win with a team with a good defense.

  14. 2020 top rated QBs —

    1. Aaron Rodgers
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Patrick Mahomes
    4. Deshaun Watson
    5. Josh Allen

    Do Justin Fields, Mac Jones, or Trey Lance feel like any of these? Surprise, I’d say Trey Lance could end of fitting this mold.

  15. Fields had to tell the teams about his medical issues. So of course the pundits changed the QB order today. But the fact is… no one knows!

  16. Please no. After getting run around for tons of time by Wilson twice a year, you think they would value athleticism more than that.

  17. Either the 49ers are clueless or they are playing a trick on the moron’s in the media .

  18. I can’t help but wonder since the NFL is now hip.deep into sports betting that the didnt have something to do with these latest odds.

  19. I was surprised that Jones didn’t win the Heisman. His numbers were right there with Burrow.

  20. Mac Jones is a good college QB, who played with exceptional talent at every position on offense just as every QB that ever lined up under center in the last five years. Mac Jones is a carbon copy of Kirk Cousins who what you see is what you get as a QB.

  21. I pray SF takes Mac Jones at 12th overall, that will be the biggest mistake by an NFL team post the year 2000. Mac Jones enjoyed an unreal advantage in college on game day thanks to the talent disparity between Jones Bama team compared to whatever team of pour souls is unlucky enough to play Bama that weekend. Alabama has a HUGE advantage locked up in probably 85% of their games outside of 2 or 3 all year.

    Now Mac Jones will be playing in the NFL where it’s equal, and he will be playing inside the toughest division in the NFL going against a MURDEROUS ROW of defenses. Jones is not going to be able to avoid the rush , he’s not athletic enough and wait until guys like Chandler Jones, JJ Watt, Aaron Donald, Dennis Gardeck, Markus Golden, Isaiah Thomas, Carlos Dunalap, Budda Baker, Jamal Adams etc start introducing Mac’s helmet to the turf beating the want to/will to win out of him for 4 quarters.

    Jones is a guy who needs everything around him to be perfect to produce similar to Rosen. Mac Jones is not a guy who is going to make plays off schedule when the play breaks down or the rush gets home and pick up 1stDN/TDs, that’s not who he is. Guys like Pro Bowl QB’s Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson are guys who can escape pressure , make something out of nothing and drop a 20YD bomb downfield to keep the series alive. They’re what u call true play makers at the QB position, Jones is not.

    I still dont believe Mac Jones is the pic because it just makes NO SENSE at all. Justin Fields is the QB you’d want in the NFC-W running KS’s offense. However I do pray that SF is dumb enough to draft Mac Jones 3rd overall after trading down and giving up 2yrs worth of 1st round picks to do so because if that’s really the plan the 49ers are going to go down faster than the Lindbergh did in the 30s as Jones would and will be the worst QB in that division by a mile if they pick him.

  22. I hope this blows up in Kyle Shanahan’s face. As a WFT fan, I can’t stand him. When asked what was the best thing about coaching for Washington, he kind of laughed and said…”I don’t know, working with my dad?” Really, you couldn’t think of anything else? How about the passionate fan base? How about the players (you know, the people who actually executed the plays you called)?

    Sorry, he just seems like an entitled brat. He’s a very good coach, but he had all the breaks go his way. And I still don’t know he would have gotten to where he is if he wasn’t the son of a legendary coach.

    So yeah, Kyle, please think you’re the smartest guy in the room and draft Mac Jones.

  23. Honestly not sure I believe in any of the three QBs. I think the 49ers paid too steep of a price for a large gamble.

  24. Yeah but there are still lots of people trying to bully the 49ers into picking Justin Fields despite the newest revelations of health issues.

  25. Mac Jones reminds me of Matt Leinart, an incredible processor, was excellent pre-snap and was allowed to call audibles, could read defense with his eyes closed, threw with excellent touch, accuracy, and ball placement, and unlike Mac Jones he had mobility, could throw on the run with accuracy, and could bring his team back from an early deficit. Kyle Shanahan would have loved him. He was drafted ahead of Aaron Rodgers. Matt Leinart’s intangibles allowed him to dominate on the D1 level, but did not serve him well on the next level because he didn’t have an elite arm.

    Just think about this. Tom Brady is a master processor, the speed of NFL defenses has slowed down for him immensely. Just think, if that man’s arm strength and the velocity of his passes diminishes to an average level – Tom Brady’s career would be done. You need an elite arm to beat elite athletes on defense.

    If Mac Jones is going to be elite it’s going to something inside of him that can’t be quantified that propels him to greatness. I haven’t seen to Many elite NFL QBs who didn’t have an elite arm.

  26. So hard to evaluate quarterbacks coming out of Alabama where there were huge talent advantages across the entire field. Jones has never had to deal with playing behind a crappy line or having receivers who couldn’t get wide open every other play. And how does he handle losing? No way to tell because Bama lost a total of 3 games his entire time there and only 2 of those were when he was the starter.

  27. “They could have stayed where they were and still gotten him. Craziest trade up in draft history.”

    Remember when the Bears traded up one spot to not take Watson or Mahomes????

  28. The overwhelming odds are that the 49ers will get a very good quarterback and that he is going to be a much better backup than CJ Beathard and Nick Mullens. Mac Jones is the most likely choice, but there is a chance that Zach Wilson or even Trevor Lawrence will be available at no. 3 instead of Jones.

  29. Shanahan, based on his history will go for whichever QB he regards as the best passer available. That is why he and his father still took Cousins with a 4th round pick after Washington had drafted Robert Griffin with a 2nd overall pick. The Shanahans do not believe in the running QB option offense. My guess is they are set on Mac Jones unless they believe a better passer is available.

  30. . says:
    April 21, 2021 at 11:46 pm 2020 top rated QBs —

    1. Aaron Rodgers
    2. Tom Brady
    3. Patrick Mahomes
    4. Deshaun Watson
    5. Josh Allen
    I’m a Packers fan, love Rodgers, and even I wouldn’t put Rodgers at #1. Brady and Mahomes are the two best NFL QBs – I’ll argue for either depending on how I feel that day – and after that there’s 4-5 QBs all about the same level, including AR, Watson, and Allen. Rodgers has been the best Jeopardy guest host though.

  31. I just can’t see them spending as much draft capital that they did, to move as high as they did, to grab a QB like Jones that they could get at 7th pick at the earliest. Even They Lance will go before Jones will. But if you really like Jones, you could have easily traded with Philly at 6.

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