Marcus Mariota: My vision’s always been to be a starter

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Marcus Mariota took a pay cut in order to remain with the Raiders this offseason and that leaves him in line to be Derek Carr‘s backup for the second straight season.

There was talk of trading Mariota, but the Raiders didn’t find a match. His initial salary and the bad ending to his run as a starter with the Titans likely limited interest from other teams, but Mariota said that the state of affairs has not changed the way he views his place in the NFL.

“My vision’s always been to be a starter and to be successful at that position. That has not changed, even in the circumstances that I’m in right now,” Mariota said, via the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. “If there’s an opportunity elsewhere, I’m going to go out there and take it. If a team wants to take a chance on me, great. I’ll be ready to go.”

While Mariota’s vision may be on starting again, he said he understands his role with the Raiders and sees an opportunity to grow as a player this year despite his reserve status. Getting a chance to show that growth at some point during the regular season would help his bid to return to the first string in the future.

10 responses to “Marcus Mariota: My vision’s always been to be a starter

  1. I think he’s going to be one of those guys that surprises everyone and gets a starting job somewhere and does well. Although it was only one game last year he played lights out. Maybe some time on the bench has helped him refocus. Best of luck to him.

  2. Pats should give las vegas a pick and a player for him . 27 Heisman none of the guys available in the draft aren’t even close.

  3. He was too eager to return to the Raiders.
    Should have held out longer for a chance to compete for a starting job, especially with the Patriots needing a QB. Trubiskey did the same thing. They need to change agents unless the plan was to wait till things settle more in 2022 …

  4. Hey that’s my vision too! I’m 57 years old and have a beer belly but I think I may have a better shot. Seriously Marcus, signing to back up Derek Carr is not the route to a starting job. Perhaps signing with the WFT or the Broncos might have been a better move.

  5. Smart move by him staying in LA,Oakland,Vegas..what ever they are calling themselves this year because carr isn’t lasting 4 games with that o-line then Mariotta will be starter going forward and carr will be traded to Tampa in next offseason…BOOK IT DANO!!!

  6. Everyone on Both teams say he is a Dream Teammate and Team player that will treat all with respect and dignity, I believe if Carr struggles or gets hurt this Man Mariota will come in and prove he is a starter.. When he came in last year u could tell Chucky had a whole different game plan—this dude is Lethel when coached right–This could get interesting if Carr starts off slow.

  7. Not that long ago he made a lot of nice plays to come back and win on the road from 18 down in the playoffs. The original LV deal had incentives would have made it an 18 mil plus deal with playing time. . No one would trade for that. If it were a flat 10 mil, Bears and WFt would clearly have been interested. Glad to have him. Carr has missed 2 games in 7 years, but if he got hurt, season would not be over now with a legit back up.

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