NFL approves pair of rule changes regarding penalty enforcement

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Two proposed rules changes regarding penalty enforcement were approved by NFL owners on Wednesday.

Chicago proposed the first of them and it dealt with enforcing penalties on conversions after touchdowns. The Bears faced the Broncos in a 2019 game that saw the Broncos flagged for delay of game while going for two while down 13-12 with 31 seconds to play. They opted to kick the extra point instead and missed, but the Bears jumped offside and the Broncos converted a two-point conversion from the 1-yard line to win the game.

That placement ignored the initial Broncos penalty and the rule change will ensure the enforcement of all accepted penalties on consecutive conversion tries.

The other approved change was proposed by the Rams based on a situation from their 2020 game against the Buccaneers. In that game, Tom Brady threw a pass that was batted back to him and then threw another completion for eight yards on a third-and-10. The Rams were faced with a choice of giving the Bucs a third-and-15 or a fourth-and-two and proposed adding a loss of down to the penalty for multiple forward passes.

It’s an unusual play, but that’s how it will be ruled if it should happen again.