NFL will make taunting a point of emphasis this season

Super Bowl LV
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Expect more taunting penalties in the NFL this season.

Rich McKay, the chairman of the NFL Competition Committee, said today that the league had become “too lax in taunting” and that the officials will be told taunting is a point of emphasis for them.

“The face to face, the pointing of fingers, the standing over players on the ground,” will be penalized, McKay said.

McKay noted that the NFL is not looking to penalize players for celebrating touchdowns, but that actions that represent poor sportsmanship toward an opponent will be flagged this season, including some that the officials allowed to slide last year.

40 responses to “NFL will make taunting a point of emphasis this season

  1. This sounds good. Celebrating is good. But taunting is unnecessary and sets a bad example for all the kids watching.

    I also think the end zone selfie-cam is pretty ugly, so hopefully that won’t become permanent.

  2. Sean Taylor and Jack Tatum simply could not play in the 2021 NFL (which is pathetic. The NFL continues to be a joke.

  3. I’m reminded of guys like Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice who didn’t need to do any of this stuff.

  4. I’m sure this is going to be enforced uniformly and won’t result in any controversies.

  5. Oh good. Another totally subjective penalty that the NFL can use to influence the course of games…

  6. I am always right, right? says:
    April 21, 2021 at 3:58 pm
    Jack Tatum simply could not play in the 2021 NFL
    and players like Darryl Stingley are grateful for it.

  7. I’m sure the subjectivity of assessing this penalty will differ greatly by referee crew. That should be fun…

  8. Between this, the expanded review, and the tweaking of the on-side kick; I’d say the league had a good day.

  9. I like it. Just play football. Go all out on every play, then hustle back to the huddle for the next play. Conserve your energy to help your team win. I think it will be a great lesson for the kids watching at home. I’d even go farther. I’d penalize the sidelines, too. Just about every play, the coaches on the sidelines are jumping around trying to pressure the refs into throwing a flag. I’d tell them to back off, or get a flag. They don’t set a good example for the players.

  10. Glad Winfield Jr got his out of his system in the Superbowl.

  11. Oh yeah, great. Maybe both teams should just shake hands after a good tackle or after a good catch or TD. After all these guys are choir boys, right? You have to be nice now. And remember, no cussing!

  12. It’s because of Chauncey Gardner Johnson. If you haven’t watched him… you should

  13. don’t just fine the players which is the only thing they are probably gonna do. Fine the team 500k per pop, doubling every time and suspend the player for 4 games.

  14. The problem I have with taunting penalties is two fold:

    1) It’s very subjective, certainly more so than holding or PI. It almost seems like it could be just a matter of personal taste to the ref. On a long scoring play, is looking backward at a defender, holding the ball out with an outstretched arm, and slowing down to walk into the endzone taunting? I don’t think so, but some people do. Was Chuck Bedanrik gesturing over a knocked-out Frank Gifford taunting? Maybe.

    Which leads me to my second problem with it…

    2) Taunting does not impact the play of the game or player safety. I find it hard to penalize a team yardage for something that does not impede play or safety. I don’t know what the solution is. Maybe remove the player for the remainder of the game (or from the next game if it happens near the end)? Maybe a fine based on percentage of salary? Maybe both? I don’t know. But a personal foul after a big play doesn’t seem proportional.

  15. A bit of taunting never bothered me.
    What LT did after a sack was great, what Gastineau did was stupid…entertaining at times, but stupid.

  16. Why do they make these rules that are subjective and can never be evenly enforced.

  17. This is lame because there will always be a game lost because some referee threw the flag “thinking” a player was taunting his opponent.

  18. More over regulation. It seems like there is a penalty or review after almost every play. We need to start rolling back regulation not adding more

  19. I don’t really care if players taunt each other. Trash talking is part of the game at this level. It has nothing to do with being “professional”. I get that it sets a bad example for kids, but that’s where good parenting comes in.

  20. How about posing for the team picture after scoring or lining up and falling like bowling pins ?

    The No Fun League strikes again.

  21. This is for stooges like Chauncey Gardner Johnson on the Saints who likes to rip mouth pieces off opposing players when the refs ain’t looking.

  22. How about they first make it a “point of emphasis” to get the calls that actually effect the game correct?

    No one cares about the phony taunting “penalty” – it’s just smack talk.

    The league is now as joyless and judgmental as society. If I want that crap, I can just turn on the news or log on to Twitter.

  23. obesewantcannoli says:
    April 21, 2021 at 4:05 pm
    I’m reminded of guys like Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice who didn’t need to do any of this stuff.


    No. Jerry just needed to cover his hands with stick-em to be able to hold onto the football

  24. I’d rather see the corny “first down” gesture stopped, although a strong head coach can do that ahead of the league making a rule. What exactly is the point of running 10 yards further downfield so a player can do his “Look at me, I’m a zebra signaling a fresh set of downs” routine instead of getting back to the huddle or getting set in the hurry-up for the next play?

  25. No. Jerry just needed to cover his hands with stick-em to be able to hold onto the football

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    You are too young to throwing shade at Rice. He played when Wr’s could be touched/mauled by the DB’s so your millennial take is way off.

    The rule has to apply to all players…..including Brady.

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