Nick Sirianni: Too early to say if Jalen Hurts will be Eagles’ starting quarterback

Washington Football Team v Philadelphia Eagles
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Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni is not ready to hand the starting quarterback job to Jalen Hurts just yet.

Although Hurts is the presumptive starter after he started at the end of last season and Carson Wentz was traded to the Colts, Sirianni said he wants to see competition at every position.

“To name a starter at this particular time . . . we’ve been working with these guys for two days,” Sirianni said of the offseason program that just began Monday.

The only other quarterback currently on the roster is Joe Flacco, so it certainly wouldn’t be much of a competition right now. Barring the Eagles shocking everyone and drafting a quarterback in the first round next week, Hurts would appear to be the overwhelming favorite. But Sirianni wants to take his time before making that official.