Sean Payton: Approach is still the same without Drew Brees

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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The Saints will head into the 2021 with a new starting quarterback for the first time since the 2006 season and no one knows exactly what the offense is going to look like without Drew Brees at the helm.

It will be some time before we know whether Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston will be anointed as Brees’ successor in New Orleans, but head coach Sean Payton said on Tuesday that he doesn’t expect the team’s process of preparing for the season to be altered by the change at quarterback.

“The approach is still the same though,” Payton said, via Luke Johnson of “We’ve got a good core group of young, talented players that have won a lot of games and have experienced that taste of the postseason. I think you build your team around that. Is there an elevated level of excitement? I think it’s the same. As a coach, you owe it to that roster to work hard and put them in the best position to have success.”

Payton said earlier this month that the full impact of Brees’ retirement wouldn’t be felt until the team begins doing football work, but it’s clear that he wants to keep the disruption to a minimum as the Saints head into the 2021 season.

18 responses to “Sean Payton: Approach is still the same without Drew Brees

  1. Good luck with that. Any NFL team without a top notch qb has to have a lights out defense and special teams to offset the lack of qb talent. Saints just don’t have it.

  2. Sean Payton: The approach is the same without Drew Brees…just not the result.

  3. The post-Lasik surgery, post-redshirt learning year in the Saints office Jameis Winston will have a spectacular year and the Saints offense will be a formidable juggernaut

  4. I would think they’re definitely drafting a QB this year, as development. They don’t really have ammunition to jump up big. 28 and 60 and 98 first three rounds. See if the draft falls to them…or maybe one of the QBs falls past NE at 15, and they can try to jump up in front of WTF and Chicago

  5. jameis has been their only qb who can throw the ball further than 40 yards the last 2 seasons

  6. LoL SO HARD!
    you’re going to need a coachable QB for that and JW has openly admitted in the past he has ignored coaching… good luck with that train wreck!

  7. They may start Winston and let Hill get in for a few plays. Same old same old.

  8. Well, how else do you think he would answer that question? He sure is not going to say “we need to change everything” or “oh no… we are in a world of trouble now.”

  9. Obviously the offense is going to look and feel different. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. I, as a born and raised Saints fan, am nervous, excited and anxious about the season. I know where we were before Brees and how easy it is to go back to those days. Keeping the right players and drafting the right pieces are key. QB is the wildcard. I say give JW and TH one year then draft a franchise QB if needed.

  10. But the results will be drastically different.
    Sorry Saints fans, you’ll see real soon that Payton was just Jeff Fisher with a HOF QB.

  11. Listen to me fellow WhoDats, we aint winning nothing! Breesus is gone, we will wander in the wilderness for another 40 years before we bask in the glory of 2Dat.

  12. Payton may be an arrogant egotistical slime ball, but he is a good HC. He’ll get the most of what he has but is it enough? I think not, but who knows?

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