Urban Meyer on drafting Trevor Lawrence: The owner will make the decision


The Jaguars continue to close in on making quarterback Trevor Lawrence the first overall pick in the 2021 draft.

At a pre-draft press conference on Wednesday, coach Urban Meyer was asked whether they’ll be announcing the pick before the draft, and whether it will be Lawrence. (A positive answer to the second question makes the first one moot.) In response, Meyer said that, ultimately, owner Shad Khan will be making the decisions.

“Ultimately the owner is going to pull the ticket on that one,” Meyer said, via James Palmer of NFL Media. “We’re going to have a great meeting tomorrow and I imagine we’ll get closer to a decision.”

It’s a refreshing dose of candor from Meyer. Although most owners are obsessed with avoiding the impression that they meddle, how can any owner not meddle with a decision this impactful to the organization? It’s Khan’s team; it should be his pick.

That doesn’t simply apply at the top of the first round. Throughout the round, coaches and General Managers need to be ready to listen to what the owner wants. And they need to be smart enough to pick up on the cues, which will allow an owner to give input while at all times truthfully saying, “I didn’t tell anyone who to pick.”

A decision of the Jaguars to take any player other than Lawrence would instantly become one of the biggest draft surprises of all time, since the Jaguars have done nothing to private or publicly push back on the perception that it’s Lawrence. If it ultimately isn’t, there would be plenty of Jaguars fans unhappy with the curve ball.

12 responses to “Urban Meyer on drafting Trevor Lawrence: The owner will make the decision

  1. I’m sure it’s been said before but Urban Meyer will be closer to Urban Legend in the pros…

  2. I think it’s realistic too. The owner should ask his people tough questions and why and how much. Snyder got blasted though for even giving this thoughts or comments about drafting RG3 or Haskins. Seems to be a double standard.

  3. Owners should never decide on personnel. Let the football people, the GM and HC, make those decisions.

    Nothing against owners, but their only qualification for being an owner, is being rich.

  4. Most picks, leave it to the guys you hire. This pick, Shad should have the final say so, even thought I think they are all in agreement on this one. This is one of thr most critical picks the Jags have made.

  5. They already gave him the playbook, that is the biggest proof of who they are taking.

  6. Shad Khan already said he was going to be take a more active roll in the Jags. I guess this is what he meant.

  7. To me this is sign Urban does not think Lawrence is the real deal. So he is publicly covering his butt.

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