All or Nothing is, for this year and maybe for good, nothing

Amazon Prime Video In India
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The series is called All or Nothing. This year, it will be nothing.

Via Ben Fischer of Sports Business Journal, the Amazon Prime series that follows an NFL team through a full season current is in limbo. There will be no season based on the 2020 NFL campaign, due to the pandemic. It’s future is otherwise unclear.

As explained by Fischer, the All or Nothing audience numbers “underwhelmed,” given that it premiered in the offseason. In contrast, HBO’s Hard Knocks debuts weekly during training camp.

Fischer says that accelerating production so that episodes drop during the season is a “nonstarter” for coaches who are reluctant to embrace the presence of cameras and microphones. NFL officials nevertheless say that the show is not dead.

From Amazon Prime’s perspective, it doesn’t matter if the show continues. It served a purpose, giving the streaming service a way to establish and grow a relationship with the league. Now that Amazon has become a full-blown broadcast partner of live game content, there’s no reason to produce a show that apparently was a write off.